Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2016 Preview

It’s been long enough since the last pay per view right? I mean, two weeks is more than enough time to get ready for the next big show. This Sunday we have “Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2016” from “Smackdown Live”, meaning it’s time for the big gimmick based show with all the matches built around the name of the show. No I don’t mean Survivor Series. Let’s get to it.

To begin with, we have a match that has been built up for a few months despite both guys barely being in the same place. We’ll start with the chairs match between Baron Corbin and Kalisto, which was recently enhanced by Corbin ruining Kalisto’s Cruiserweight Title shot and therefore keeping the cruiserweights over on “Monday Night Raw”. Kalisto then attacked Corbin with a chair for the sake of having a chairs match on the pay per view.

There’s really no reason to put Kalisto over here so I’ll go with Corbin, who seemed to be ready for a push towards the main event but was thrown back into this for reasons that aren’t clear. I’m sure Kalisto will get in some impressive offense but I can’t imagine this ending with anything other than a big power move onto a chair with Corbin getting the pin.

We’ll just to a title match now with Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch defending against Alexa Bliss in a tables match. These two have feuded for months now but they’ve managed to only have one title match in that span. Yeah imagine that: building up a feud by means other than having them trade the title back and forth. On this occasion, we’re having a tables match after Bliss pushed Lynch through one on “Smackdown Live” earlier this week.

On paper, this is the perfect way to put the title on Bliss but I think we’re going to see Lynch retain the title in a surprise. They seem to be getting ready for the big showdown with Nikki Bella because that’s just how things work on Tuesdays. Bliss has gotten a lot out of this feud but I don’t think she’s ready for the title just yet. I wouldn’t be stunned if they change the title but I think Lynch retains here.

We’ll stick with the title matches for now with the Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton) challenging Heath Slater and Rhyno for the Smackdown Tag Team Titles. Slater and Rhyno are the inaugural champions and have held the belts for a few months now, which really has surprised me after expecting them to fall apart in the span of their first feud.

That being said, if there is any reason for the Wyatts not to get the titles here, I have no idea what it could be. Somehow Wyatt has never won a title in WWE and Orton would seemed destined to turn on him eventually, so the title change here makes sense. Also it’s not like Slater and Rhyno losing to one of the biggest stars ever and a top name like Wyatt is going to seem like an upset. They’re playing with the house’s money here so the loss is fine. Give the Wyatts the belts they deserve and arguably need.

Before we get to the two big matches on the rest of the show, let’s take a look at the grudge match between Nikki Bella and Carmella, who will be facing off in a No DQ match. This isn’t the most interesting thing in the world but it’s been built up well enough over time and I wouldn’t mind watching it again. I mean, assuming Bella doesn’t shrug off Carmella’s finisher time after time again.

This time though I think I’m going to go with Carmella in an upset. The weapons are a nice way out and as much as I’m sure they want to push Bella as this unstoppable force, Carmella needs this win a lot more. Carmella could challenge Lynch down the line and while there’s a very good chance this is the Bella show all over again (in addition to her two other shows), I’m going with Carmella in a surprise.

Now we get to the portion of the show involving climbing high objects, starting with Miz defending the Intercontinental Title in a ladder match against Dolph Ziggler. These two have feuded for what feels like forever and this is being billed as the big final fight. I didn’t really need Miz losing the title in the first place as I could have gone with a big long title reign but Ziggler’s win was great.

I’ll go with Miz retaining here as Ziggler really doesn’t need anything at this point. Unfortunately I have a bad feeling they’re going to go with Ziggler getting the big win again because that’s worked so well in the long term all those other times. Miz winning, hopefully without Spirit Squad interfering this time, sets up something bigger for him down the line while Ziggler can be built up for his latest “I JUST WANT ONE SHOT!!!” speech.

That leaves us with the main event with AJ Styles defending the Smackdown World Title against former champion Dean Ambrose in a TLC match. Styles won the title back in September and Ambrose has yet to get his one on one rematch. This is the kind of match that is fun almost by definition: take two talented people and have them beat each other with various hard objects over and over again until one of them is done.

I’ll take Styles retaining here as the word on the street is Undertaker vs. Styles for the belt in San Antonio. On top of that there’s a pre-made story of Undertaker being mad at Ambrose for costing “Smackdown Live” the Survivor Series match. Even if Undertaker doesn’t interfere, Styles winning makes the most sense and hopefully wraps up this feud for good.

Overall, Sunday’s show is going to be the same as it always is: a lot of fun depending on the level of violence they’re allowed to involved. I always look forward to this show and it’s a great way to wrap up the year. No big storytelling moments, no technical wrestling exhibitions and no overly complicated gimmicks. Just a bunch of matches with people beating on each other with various metal objects.



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  1. Pugtar says:

    Ambrose actually did get a shot at the title on Smackdown a few weeks before No Mecry. Styles got the win on a roll up after Cena interfered.

  2. Liam Fenech says:

    Hold on KB Smackdown won that match Ambrose was in Remember Whyatt pined Reigns for him and Orton to be the survivers for TEAM SMACKDOWN Raw won the other 2.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    True. More along the lines of he tried to cost them the match.

    Liam Fenech Reply:

    So iif Undertaker is mad at Ambrose does Styles get pissed at taker for stealing the spotlight leeding to the reason for the match at Royal Rumble?