Which Royal Rumble Should I Redo?

It’s that time of year again as we’ll be starting the Royal Rumble Count-Up in about a week.  Therefore, I’ll need to redo at least one show (plus the 2016 edition of course).


Which should I do?  1999 is also out of the running as I knocked it out last week.


  1. NightShiftLoser says:


  2. J says:

    I know they are recent, but either 2014 or 2015. 2014 was the turn on Batista. 2015 was the turn on Reigns. Pittsburgh and Philly both did a tremendous job. I would love a perspective a few years later to see what the feeling is.

  3. Marky-Marc says:


  4. Jerichoholic94 says:

    I always thought 2001 was solid.

  5. Aeon Mathix says:

    2003 is my favorite but i know it’s not a fond show.

  6. Heyo says:

    I said it last year and I’ll say it again. 2014 is my pick, because a lot of WWE’s modern problems arguably started with that one show.

  7. Jay H (the real one) says:

    Since its the 20th anniversary of it and its back at the Alamodome this year I will go with 1997.

  8. Awesome_Miz says:

    The only one appropriate for this show has to be 1997

  9. niall says:

    2001 has always been my favourite, so i vote for that one

  10. Maynard37 says:

    1998 is a childhood favourite, would like to see that revisited

  11. BestSportsEntertainer says:

    2007. One of the best Rumbles ever. A final four of Taker-Edge-Orton-HBK.

  12. Prophet says:


    The whole show is rather excellent and even the ECW title match doesn’t last long.

  13. M.R. says:

    2003. One of the greatest matches of all time.

  14. Kasi Kid says:

    Dude it’s the 20th Anniversary of the ’97 edition, do that one it’s a no-brainer and review the next RAW after it I believe it was a good one with Bret quitting beggining of the show and coming back after Vince & commissioner Gorilla Moonson tried to compensate him for being screwed outta the Rumble match, s*** Stone Cold doing Stone Cold things and running rampart and the main event was Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker (and Taker was only a replacement that night for an injured Syco Sid) so yeah KB LET’S RUMBLE LIKE IT’S ’97