GoFundMe for Injured Wrestler

Told a buddy I’d pass this along.  Check it out if you can afford to donate to a good cause.


So, if you saw 205 Live, you may have seen someone that lingers around my profile. John Yurnet known outside WWE as Mr. 450 is pretty much the top wrestler in Puerto Rico and also works in Mexico’s Lucha Libre ELITE. The man in 2014 was responsible for a boom in wrestling on the island after years of it just existing with no interest.

On 205 Live, his first time ever wrestling in a main roster WWE show, live no less, he blew out his meniscus on the first move. It’s a lingering injury. Something hard to cover when wrestling in Puerto Rico is as low and slimy as it gets. After announcing he would be selling his wrestling gear to raise funds, a Go Fund Me was started in order to help pay his bill.

Seriously, this man is a fantastic worker and I believe he can be something notable inside the WWE. Unfortunately, this happened when he was at the cusp of finally achieving his dream. If you can lend any help, it would be greatly appreciated.

The link is here: https://www.gofundme.com/7e-mr-450s-medical-expenses

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