Ring of Honor TV – January 4, 2017: Even Their Best Of Show is Weird

Ring of Honor
Date: January 4, 2017
Host: Kevin Kelly
Commentators: Steve Corino, Kevin Kelly

It’s another special week here despite already doing the Final Battle fallout show. This is billed as a Best Of show which apparently means airing house show matches for the first time ever. That can be all over the place and maybe we can get something a bit more fresh instead of the dull Women of Honor stuff.  Let’s get to it.

Kevin Kelly runs down what we’ll be seeing and throws us to our first match.

Keith Lee/Shane Taylor vs. War Machine

This is No DQ and we’re joined in progress with all four fighting on the floor. War Machine takes over and Lee is powerbombed hard through a table for a big crash. Taylor gets beaten up inside and we take an early break. We come back (after hearing from the Briscoes about how they’re going to win all the titles this year) with Lee escaping a Death Valley Driver through a table.

Corino says we’re over fifteen minutes in and it’s Hanson flip diving off the top to take everyone down. They load up something near the announcers’ table but let’s clip it to Kelly getting bumped off a suicide dive instead. Eh I’ll take that over a table spot. Clipped again to Taylor going through the table in the corner, only to have Lee come in and Last Ride Rowe though a table for the pin at 13:36 shown.

Rating: C+. It’s really not fair to rate this one as it was so chopped up that you couldn’t get a feel for what they were doing. These teams have fought so many times though that it’s hard to care about what they’re doing. It’s not bad or anything but it’s something that’s been done so often that even a violent match like this doesn’t have the biggest impact.

We take a look at the building of the ring for the Honor Rising show in Japan.

Highlights of Ladder War with the Young Bucks winning the titles at All-Star Extravaganza.

Video on the Women of Honor. As much as I enjoy looking at a variety of them, this division is such a waste of time.

We get an extended clips of Sumie Sakai vs. Deonna Purrazzo and Taeler Hendrix vs. Mandy Leon in a No DQ match.

It’s Bullet Club time with a focus on the end of Global Wars which eventually set up Adam Cole vs. Jay Lethal for the World Title at Death Before Dishonor.

The match is clipped on the broadcast but here’s the full version.

ROH World Title: Jay Lethal vs. Adam Cole

Lethal is defending and they’re both here alone. Apparently Nigel has told the referee to relax the rules here so there must be a winner. Cole pulls out some of Lethal’s shaved hair and the fight is on in a hurry. Lethal hiptosses him down and cartwheels into a basement dropkick. Cole comes back and it’s time to SHOUT A CATCHPHRASE.

They head outside with Lethal taking over again and setting up a table, which is kind of outside his nature. A cutter on the floor knocks Cole silly but he’s still able to roll off the table, sending Jay’s flying elbow through the table instead. Adam very slowly takes his time getting back inside so we can hit the chinlock.

Lethal finally gets up and hits a middle rope leg lariat to start the first of probably multiple comebacks. There’s a springboard dropkick to knock Cole off the apron and Lethal hits three straight suicide dives. That’s WAY too common of a move around here and it doesn’t get any better when he does it a fourth and fifth time. The sixth (this is reaching superkick levels) hits the barricade though and Cole is suddenly fine. To be fair they’re really just flying shoves so this isn’t a huge stretch.

Back in and Cole kicks him in the face to cut off a second comeback, followed by a Shining Wizard for another near fall. A superkick misses (I’m sure he’ll get to throw more) and Lethal takes him down with a clothesline. It’s way too early for the Lethal Injection though and Cole hits him low for two more.

Lethal can’t get a Figure Four but the Lethal Combination breaks up a choke and puts both guys down. The top rope elbow connects for two more and it’s time to trade big strikes. Cole’s Canadian Destroyer is countered but the Lethal Injection is blocked with, of course, a superkick.

The suplex backbreaker gets a VERY close two and the fans are way into this. Cole actually takes the time to talk trash and the Lethal Injection only gets two on Adam. Both guys are spent so Cole flips him off, sending Lethal into a rage. That’s exactly what Cole wants though as he grabs another suplex backbreaker for the pin and the title at 24:00.

Rating: B. They did a very good job with the ending as I was waiting on the Bucks to run in and then Cole just pinned him clean by getting inside Lethal’s head and throwing him off his game. Cole winning was the only real option here as Lethal can’t do anything else with the belt and it’s WAY past the point where the Bullet Club should have gotten the title. If nothing else now they’re not just on the sideline and dominating the show. Besides Cole is rather awesome and made a good champion the first time around.

We get some highlights of Kyle O’Reilly winning the World Title from Cole at Final Battle.

Cole is ticked off and promises to get the title back.

Overall Rating: C+. This was kind of all over the place with the World Title match being the only thing that really needed to be here. The opening match was really random and there was no need for the Women of Honor thing (though the more Mandy Leon and Kelly Klein on screen the better). It’s a bit of a mess though and really doesn’t do much to showcase what ROH is all about. Not bad but just watch the main event and move on.

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