Lucha Underground – January 4, 2017: The Future Has To Be Eventually

Lucha Underground
Date: January 4, 2017
Location: Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Matt Striker, Vampiro

We’re back to the promotion where Cage has a glove that gives him superpowers. Now, I don’t know about you but to me, that sounds FREAKING AWESOME. This show is starting to reach the point where they can do all kinds of things with the stories they have going on but the question is whether or not they can actually capitalize on those stories. Let’s get to it.

The opening recap looks at the Battle of the Bulls, the Rabbit Tribe and Sexy Star vs. Mariposa (in theory Mariposa at least, or whoever is sending the spiders to Star).

Mil Muertes wants to know how Prince Puma is alive and Catrina blames Vampiro.

Catrina runs into Jeremiah Crane, who says he beat the man she loves (Mil) last week. She says that’s not who she loves and disappears.

Sexy Star vs. Mariposa

They waste no time and slug it out to start with Star getting the better of it and scoring with a hurricanrana to send Mariposa outside. That doesn’t go well for Star as Mariposa sends her into various hard objects, including the front of the announcers’ table. The fans are split here but switch to a holy excrement chant as Star goes into the table ten times.

Back in and the Butterfly Effect is broken up, followed by a sitout hiptoss of all things for two on Mariposa. A Samoan drop sets up a modified Indian Deathlock on Star with Mariposa kicking her in the head for a bonus. They head up top for a superplex, only to have Mariposa get shoved off, setting up a top rope double stomp to give Star the pin at 6:49.

Rating: C+. This is a match where I wanted to see more of it, which I can’t remember happening with Sexy Star. She’s much more interesting fighting people her size than someone who allows Striker to do that really, REALLY annoying “she’s just an underdog who won’t stop fighting” schtick. I liked that they just went with the violence here instead of trying to do a wrestling match, which doesn’t fit this setup.

Post match Marty Martinez comes out and chokeslams Mariposa. Striker: “WTF!” As in he says the letters.

The White Rabbit Tribe comes up to Mascarita Sagrada to tell him he’s their inspiration and god. Sagrada says no and calls them nuts.

Rabbit Tribe vs. Kobra Moon/Pindar/Vibora

The fans call Pindar Luchasaurus and Moon has Drago on a leash. Mala Suerte and Pindar get things going and it’s off to Saltador for a right hand to the jaw. Apparently Drago will be taking Moon’s place as I’m still not sure what’s going on with this story, nor do I care. Drago gets taken into the corner for some triple teaming from the Rabbits. That goes nowhere though as it’s off to Vibora, who easily cleans house and brings Pindar back in for a forearm to Paul London’s head. Everything breaks down and Drago gets to clean house though London scores with some superkicks on Vibora. That earns him a tombstone though and Drago adds a running boot to the face for the pin at 7:29.

Post match Drago is chained again, which seems to hypnotize him. Aerostar and Fenix come in for the save as Drago is released but he doesn’t seem to recognize them. They’re able to keep him from leaving with the villains.

Sexy Star comes in to see Mack who wants to win the title by himself tonight. Star is cool with that.

Dario comes in to see Mack and says tonight isn’t going to be for the title. Instead the winner gets to pick the stipulation for the title match down the line. Dang it I can’t stand that kind of booking.

The Mack vs. Johnny Mundo

Non-title because Lucha Underground is changing the way they’re booking. Feeling out process to start with Mack actually taking him down in a nice amateur move, only to be kicked low for his efforts. An enziguri staggers Mack and Johnny flips him off, earning himself a suplex on the floor.

The champ’s crawl under the ring allows him to knee Mack in the head against the barricade for a sick sounding crash. Mack actually comes back with a slam and People’s Elbow of all things for two. A nipup into a standing moonsault is good for another near fall on Mundo and an Alpha Bomb (slam into a powerbomb) draws in the Worldwide Underground. As you might expect, Mundo hits a low blow for the pin at 8:43.

Rating: C. I liked what we had going here but there’s only so much you can do without much time and in a match that really doesn’t matter too much. Mack continues to be very deceiving as he looks like someone very overweight but winds up being someone who can do moves far beyond what you would expect. Also, the heel wins here? You couldn’t just have Mack win via countout or DQ or something?

Mundo calls him fat and makes the match All Night Long.

Mil Muertes comes out and jumps Vampiro for saving Puma. Cue Puma for the save but Vampiro calls him off and takes the Flatliner to end the show.

Overall Rating: C. This was one of those shows designed to set stuff up for the future, which is fine for a placeholder and in Lucha Underground’s place, I can actually believe that it’s going to pay off down the line. Muertes vs. Dark Puma could be interesting and I’d like to see where it goes, though the Vampiro bit scares me somewhat. This wasn’t a great show but maybe it can lead somewhere great, which is a good sign.

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