Ring of Honor TV – March 15, 2017: Tournament Are NOT Always Awesome

Ring of Honor
Date: March 15, 2017
Location: Stage AE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Commentator: Ian Riccabani

The 15th Anniversary Show has come and gone and….it’s not clear when we’ll hear about it on TV. Unfortunately that’s the way this place works and there’s really not a lot that can be done about it. It’s hard to say what we’ll get on this show, aside from the Top Prospect Tournament of course. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Alex Shelley is the first guest commentator.

Young Bucks vs. Coast to Coast

Non-title. So we’re not even up to Manhattan Mayhem on this one? Sweet goodness they take their sweet time around here. Nick and St. Giovanni get things going with a fight over a wristlock, only to have Nick drop down for a SUCK IT. Some rapid fire kicks have Coast to Coast on the floor, setting up the double dives but Ali pulls them to the floor. Of course the fans eat things up because they want to be cheering cool heels despite being smart fans. Leon hits a Downward Spiral on Matt and we take a break.

Back with Nick hitting a springboard SUCK IT crossbody on Leon. Coast to Coast (the double springboard dropkick to the Tree of Woe) gets two on Nick but that means a superkick. Nick starts firing off more kicks, plus a running Sliced Bread #2. Ali gets superkicked in the back of the leg and the springboard 450 is good for the pin at 7:04.

Rating: C-. This was a decent rub for Coast to Coast though as usual, the ROH fans continue to be some of the most irritating in the world. Then again the Bucks are a big part of that problem for reasons I’ve covered far too many times already. This could have been much worse though and Coast to Coast got a rub, which is more than you can expect most of the time.

Post match Leon takes a Twist of Fate and a Swanton Bomb.

We look at Lio Rush teasing joining the Rebellion before costing them a match last week.

Rush says he’s sick of the Rebellion and they don’t know what they’re dealing with. Cue Kenny King to say this is serious and a challenge is set for next week.

Brutal Bob Evans joins Ian and Alex.

Top Prospect Tournament First Round: Curt Stallion vs. Preston Quinn

Stallion looks like Andrew Everett. Quinn has been wrestling for 23 years and has a Jim Cornette knockoff in his corner. Curt has to shake the manager’s hand and gets punched in his head as a result. Some forearms set up a double stomp for two on Quinn but the manager (Andy Vineberg) trips him up.

A sitdown brainbuster (exactly what it sounds like) gets two on Curt, followed by Abyss’ Shock Treatment. Something like White Noise onto the knee (Okada does it) is good for two on Quinn but he grabs a good looking piledriver. Stallion avoids a middle rope elbow though and catches Quinn with a running headbutt for the pin at 7:09.

Rating: D. This tournament needs to end REALLY soon because no one has impressed me even in the slightest and someone is going to get a contract and a title shot out of this mess. The wrestling has been nothing of note and the characters have been even worse. You might want to make sure you have the talent to pull something like this off because it’s been a real problem in recent weeks.

Here’s Cody to ask where Jay Lethal has been. One fan says he’s seen him and Cody calls the fan a liar. Ever since Final Battle, Lethal has disappeared like the coward he really is. That’s not what Cody wants to talk about tonight though because he’d rather talk about Adam Page. Cue Page with his noose around his neck so Cody talks about bullrope matches with a cowbell included. The DUSTY chant starts up and Cody says the rope is going to become a Texas bullrope. The official challenge is laid out for Supercard of Honor.

Jay Briscoe is ready for his rematch with Jay White next week.

Jonathon Gresham vs. Dalton Castle

Gresham’s first name is spelled differently on his video graphic and his name graphic. Jonathon sits on the mat to avoid an Irish whip and grabs a rope to block an O’Connor roll. Some arm work doesn’t do much on Castle so he holds up a fist to say bring it. A nice technical exchange ends with Castle’s chest thrust, followed by a running knee in the corner.

Gresham grabs both arms for a freaky rollup and a springboard hurricanrana to the floor. A running knee from the apron sets up a chest thrust from Gresham and the gimmick infringement doesn’t set well with Castle. Neither does Jonathan diving off the top so Dalton catches him in the Bang-a-Rang for the pin at 4:41.

Rating: C. This was fine and a good way to warm Castle up for his World Title match at Supercard of Honor. Castle is an interesting choice for that spot as I don’t think anyone believes he’s going to win the title but he’ll certainly get a great reaction when he’s out there. Gresham is still a solid hand but he’s not going anywhere.

Marty Scurll is ready for his TV Title defense at Supercard of Honor.

Mark Briscoe joins commentary.

War Machine vs. BJ Whitmer/Punishment Martinez

No DQ. War Machine jumps them from behind during the entrance and the fight starts in a hurry at ringside. Rowe takes Martinez inside for a Superman Punch, followed by another one on Whitmer for good measure. Running charges crush Martinez and Whitmer before BJ and Hanson head back inside. BJ pelts a chair at Hanson’s head to take over and we take a break.

Back with Rowe hitting running clotheslines to both opponents, followed by a hard knee to Martinez’s face for no cover. Instead BJ grabs a great looking release German suplex to send Rowe flying. Rowe and Whitmer trade running forearms until Whitmer’s exploder suplex gets two. Hanson comes back in with a pop up powerslam for two and it’s time for a table. Whitmer has to escape Fallout and all three head to the floor for Martinez’s Taker Dive for a BIG pop. Back in again and Hanson takes a bit too long loading up something on top, allowing Punishment to chokeslam him through the table for the pin at 10:25.

Rating: C+. This worked well enough and Martinez continues to be one of the more entertaining people to watch on the whole roster. Just let him be something like the Undertaker and put on a bunch of flashy performances. I’m sure that’s not the idea though because we can have the boring Top Prospect Tournament matches instead.

Post match Martinez chokeslams Whitmer to break up the team, which doesn’t seem to be anything interesting to the announcers.

Overall Rating: C-. I’ve seen worse shows from ROH and oddly enough almost all of them seem to take place right after a pay per view. These are more or less filler shows and that doesn’t make for the most interesting stuff in the world. At least we had a fun main event and Martinez leaving the worthless BJ. Watchable show here but nothing you need to see.

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