Ring of Honor TV – March 22, 2017: The Benefits of Good Wrestling

Ring of Honor
Date: March 22, 2017
Location: Stage AE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Commentator: Ian Riccaboni

We’re at….I have no idea where we are on the calendar at this point as we’re done with the 15th Anniversary Show but we’re also coming up on Supercard of Honor XI, meaning it’s almost impossible to tell where this show fits in. It’s the nature of the ROH beast though and it’s really never going to get better. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

We see a graphic for the Young Bucks defending the Tag Team Titles against the Hardys at Supercard of Honor. WE’RE NOT EVEN TO MANHATTAN MAYHEM YET??? Good grief GET THIS STUFF RIGHT ALREADY!

Beer City Bruiser/Silas Young vs. Cheeseburger/Will Ferrara

Before the match, Young and Bruiser confirm that they have a partner for the April 1 shot at the Six Man Tag Team Titles. Cheeseburger gets flattened with a powerbomb to start before a suplex and low clothesline drop Ferrara. The wrestling sandwich dives back in though and sends his partner into Silas to get a breather. The villains tease sending Cheeseburger over for a tag before grabbing him in a swinging Boss Man Slam backbreaker. Not bad.

Bruiser misses his Cannonball and the hot tag brings in Will for the real house cleaning. That means heel miscommunication (of course it does) and a jumping Downward Spiral gives Ferrara two on Young. For some reason Will tries to slam the huge Bruiser, allowing Silas to get in a clothesline. Bruiser misses a Cannonball off the apron though, allowing Silas to take the palm strike for two with Bruiser making a diving save. Ferrara’s luck runs out though as Young grabs a cutter, followed by Bruiser’s frog splash for the pin at 5:40.

Rating: C. That’s Bruiser’s best match ever which isn’t that much of a surprise given how worthless he is most of the time. Young continues to look good but I’m really not interested in seeing him wasting time with the Bruiser. Ferrara and Cheeseburger were your normal small team and that’s always going to work if they can get the fans behind them. Nice little match.

Top Prospect Tournament First Round: Josh Woods vs. Chris Lerusso

Brutal Bob Evans and Silas Young join commentary. Woods is an amateur wrestler who takes Chris to the mat to start but can’t get a cross armbreaker. A kneebar doesn’t work as well as Chris gets in a dropkick to take over. Some right hands have Woods in trouble and it’s off to a bodyscissors as the mat/submission work continues. Back up and they slug it out until something like a t-bone suplex gets two on Lerusso. Woods tells him to bring it and gets a low superkick for his efforts. That’s enough for Josh as he kicks Lerusso down and hammers away until the referee stops it at 5:31.

Rating: C+. Match of the tournament here by about 843 miles with Woods looking great and Lerusso being more than acceptable. Woods wrestles an MMA style and it sets him apart from the rest of this mostly horrible tournament. Just let us have something unique instead of the same stuff over and over again. I really don’t know why that’s so much to ask for in this tournament.

Jay Briscoe isn’t worried about Jay White because he’ll finish him quick. This is the same promo from last week.

Quick look at Lio Rush’s issues with the Rebellion.

Lio Rush vs. Kenny King

Chris Sabin and is the new commentary partner. They hit the mat to start with neither being able to hold a headscissors. King misses a bunch of strikes which Rush hits with ease, followed by a jumping enziguri for two. Rush sends him outside for a dive but Kenny breaks up a dive with a kick as we take a break.

Back with Lio slugging away and hitting a Tajiri handspring elbow. Two straight suicide dives keep King in trouble but he rolls through a high crossbody, only to get taken down by a reverse hurricanrana. The frog splash is only good for two (thankfully, as that would have been two of them in three matches). King misses running knees in the corner though and a second frog splash misses. Kenny grabs the Royal Flush for the pin at 8:17.

Rating: C. It’s amazing how much better Rush is now that ACH is gone. They were way too similar to really need both of them around but word on the street is that Rush is gone too. There are always going to be high fliers around though and as much potential as people saw in Rush, I don’t exactly see him as irreplaceable.

Post match Caprice Coleman stares Rush down but Shane Taylor comes out for the save. As you might expect, that lasts all of thirty seconds before Taylor lays him out to join the Rebellion. This stable DOES NOT NEED new members!

Jay White vs. Jay Briscoe

Mark Briscoe is on commentary and this is a rematch from their great time limit draw a few months back. White dropkicks him into the corner to start and then sends Briscoe outside for some elbows up against the barricade. Briscoe is done with this defense thing and grabs a hurricanrana, followed by a suicide dive into the barricade for a big crash.

Back from a break with Briscoe grabbing a snap suplex as we talk about Jay Lethal. Even Mark seems to getting lost with all the Jay’s. Headbutts and forearms have White reeling and his comeback is cut off by a hard DDT. We come back from a second break with White nailing a running forearm. A missile dropkick and spinning Rock Bottom have Briscoe reeling into a Crossface.

White makes it even worse with something like Rings of Saturn, sending Briscoe’s boot over to the ropes for the save. Briscoe comes right back with a neckbreaker for two but the Jay Driller is countered into a suplex to the corner. Mark is doing a good job on commentary here as he started off very confident and is getting nervous on the kickouts. That’s a nice touch. White goes up but gets crotched down and sent through a table.

Back in and Briscoe no sells a half nelson suplex, only to have White no sell back to back big boots. That’s too far for Briscoe who plants him with a Death Valley Driver for a rare one count. They slug it out from their knees (how the first match ended) with Briscoe getting the better of it. Briscoe finally has enough though and BLASTS him with a discus lariat for the pin at 16:48.

Rating: B. White is good and these two matches have done a great job of making you believe that he can hang with someone much higher up the ladder like Briscoe. ROH takes way too long to build up new stars sometimes so this was quite the change of pace, which is certainly a good thing. Awesome match here as these two have some wicked chemistry.

Overall Rating: C+. This wasn’t looking like the best show on paper but the main event really pulled it out. Ring of Honor shows tend to take its time to really get the juices flowing at times, which is exactly what happened on this show. It’s an entertaining one though and the main event really helped bring it up. Sometimes that’s what one match can do and the company needed it after some of the boring stuff they’ve been doing.


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