Wrestlemania XXXIII Preview: Seth Rollins vs. Triple H

This…..could go multiple ways.

I really don’t know where to go with this one. Rollins has the knee injury coming in so I’m not sure what they can do with the match but really, there’s no reason whatsoever for HHH to come close to winning. Of course that never stopped him before but I think we’re mostly past that at this point. The match should be fun and odds are it includes some interference (Samoa Joe is almost a given) so expect more of a mess than a straight match, which is probably the right call.

I’ll take Rollins in what should be a layup, but this feud has been a mess since it started in August and then went on until April because HHH is only worthy of Wrestlemania or something. The “Rollins turned on me when he got hurt” story is still ridiculous (not to mention illogical) but if it ends with Rollins pinning HHH once and for all (they’ll do at least one rematch), it should be fun enough.


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