Quick Notes From Smackdown Live

Really quick as I have a 13 hour drive ahead of me tomorrow.1.American Alpha b. the Vaudevillains in about 4:00 in the dark match.

2. Nakamura was by far the most over thing all night.  The place just came unglued for him.

3. I really, really hope “1-2-SWEET!” doesn’t become a thing on kickouts.

4. Tye got a great pop.

5. People were expecting Harper to turn on Orton, which wouldn’t have surprised me.

6. Some people left for 205 Live but it was hardly an exodus.

7. Nakamura beat Ziggler in the post show dark match in about 8:30 with Kinshasa.

8. THe beach balls were in action ALL NIGHT LONG.  One fan caught and popped two of them, turning him into the most hated man in the building and my personal hero for the night.

9. During the four way on 205 Live, a fan in the upper deck was just destroying Perkins every few seconds with some hilarious lines that were cracking up all the sections around him.  Then he said:

“Roman Reigns is a better professional wrestler than TJ Perkins!”

Everyone else: “NO!  NO!  NO!”


10. Everyone was just done near the end of Smackdown.  It was a very, very long week and I think people are going to realize how tired they are when they wake up tomorrow.


I’ll have a week in review thing up sometime later this week (along with all the other shows I’ve missed) but I won’t have anything up tomorrow save for Raw 2002 and the column, both of which are already done.

Thanks for bearing with me this week guys and thank you all so much for letting me get to do this.  I got to do stuff this week that I never thought I’d get to do and it was some of the most fun I’ve ever had as a wrestling fan.  Thank you all for supporting me and allowing me to do this as it’s only possible with all of your help.



  1. IC says:

    Were you in the front row wearing a lime green shirt?

    Sagar Reply:

    That’s not him. That’s a KB look-alike who is at virtually EVERY SHOW sitting at the same seat.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Indeed. I get this question VERY often for some reason. I was in the upper deck for every WWE show.

    Jerichoholic94 Reply:

    Incognito. I like your style.

    IC Reply:

    Yeah, he was on his phone every time they showed him on camera, which was a lot since he was dead center.
    He’ll klunder your bunker.