New Column: Rip Rogers, Iron Man and Will Ospreay As a Dinosaur Detective

I think the title speaks for itself.


  1. Bloodbuzz Bunk says:

    While I agree that there are positives about all sorts of wrestling styles. I do think it’s disingenuous to say indie wrestling doesn’t have psychology while a WWE match always does. Just two quick examples recently with the primaries involved.

    Randy Orton faced off against Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania as the payoff to 8 month long story where Bray had brainwashed Orton into his “family” but Orton revealed he was just biding his time to get his vengeance on Bray and take the WWE title. The match is wildly panned as the worst big match of the year. Randy comes out on fire against Bray but is then thrown off his game by film projections of bugs on the ring canvass and then takes mild and unenthusiastic beating for about 6 minutes and then literally hits his finisher with no build and wins in about 10 minutes total.

    Will Osprey just faced off against Jay White at ROH’s War of The Worlds PPV. The match had little build other than Osprey and White crossing paths at Supercard of Honor in a tag match one month prior. White is on excursion from the NJPW dojo has been essentially wrestling for like 2-2.5 years at this point despite being around the much more accomplished Osprey’s age. The story of this match is that of White, who is taller and heavier than Osprey, trying to make a statement by out doing Osprey’s spectacle of moves, flips, and strikes. Osprey underestimates White and tries to trade big moves and strikes with White but because White is bigger White continues to take advantage of Osprey. Eventually White hits a series of big devasting moves that should have won him the match but he wants to make a point and attempts a high risk maneuver resulting in Osprey reversing the momentum and quickly hitting a modified version of his high flying finisher for a comeback win.

    You can tell stories all kinds of ways but it irks me that Orton thinks his Wrestlemania match or the House of Horrors was better storytelling because he didn’t flip and because he has the highest profile platform to draw money. Perhaps that is why Osprey is making more money off of “…..dive” then anyone because perhaps he sees more angles than a rigid Rip Rogers or Randy Orton.

    Greg Reply:

    Again, Orton doesn’t despise high flying moves. That wasn’t the point.

    Bloodbuzz Bunk Reply:

    The point is he disrespects those that do because he thinks he draws more money. If your drawing some other conclusion from it feel free to share it.

    Jerichoholic94 Reply:

    Orton is very blunt when he says things. Initially I don’t think he meant anything by it but the apology is really sarcastic

    Greg Reply:

    I did draw a different conclusion. He doesn’t like doing a bunch of high flying moves for no point. A bunch of risk just to pop a few people without a reason. Old dudes taking risks for no reason. Scott Hall told the cruiserweights to watch him get a massive pop off doing one move while they couldn’t get the same pop after doing 50000 moves. He wasn’t disparaging them. He was trying to help them realize they didn’t need to do all out crazy moves all the time and that they are killing themselves.

    It is not don’t try and be boring. It is try to be safe because wrestling takes a toll on your body. Randy is saying I’m making money, can put on great matches and still walk when I’m 60. He is also telling them they are doing a ridiculous amount of bumps for 50 people. Ric Flair got mad at Mick Foley for this. Wrestling has no retirement plan. Save the big stuff for WWE where you can make money. Don’t kill yourself before then. There are exceptions where indy guys make more than they would in WWE. However, that is rare.

  2. Bloodbuzz Bunk says:

    For one all the high flying spots usually do have a point and two if guys didn’t do them they don’t get noticed on the indie scene and never get the attention to get to the WWE. It’s easy for Scott Hall and Randy Orton to preach that but they can trade on name recognition and Orton got into the WWE based of his lineage( he obviously earned his keep) but it comes off a little disingenuous and restrictive. I get why Orton says it but it’s dumb lacks any sort of self awareness.

  3. Jay H (the real one) says:

    While the dives and flips are cool I don’t think Randy is totally wrong in what he or anyone else is saying. I remember last year at Clash Of Champions when Cesaro about killed himself and landed on his head in that final Match with Sheamus. I started thinking maybe some of these dives need to be cut back a little bit. Plus look at Daniel Bryan, I love the guy but he was a mad man doing some of the stuff he did and yeah I get he wants back in the Ring one day but to me i don’t think it’s worth it. He’s got a wife and a new baby to think about. To me the dives and what not should be cut back on some.