KB’s Review: Don’t Break What You Won’t Rebuild



Looking at WWE’s rather stupid handling of characters when they change their minds in a hurry.

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  1. Cameron says:

    I actually thought her match at money in the bank was solid. Sure, she was green, but I thought she actually looked pretty good. And given that Smackdown tends to have one or two women’s feuds going alongside the title one, I figured the strong looking debut at MITB would lead to Lana maybe feuding with someone seasoned like Natalya for a couple months, getting some valuable experience in and being a focus. Then whenever Naomi loses the title, they could have revisited Lana and Naomi

    Even without her being great in the ring, it isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes if you have a good character the fans react to, the overall match quality doesn’t matter. I still think Bliss is green as hell, but her character and mic work is so good she’s a company standout. You need some talents beyond the workrate. But these two instant losses killed Lana, when they could have built her up after a string first showing. It’s baffling