205 Live – July 11, 2017: The Small Problem

205 Live
Date: July 11, 2017
Location: AT&T Center, San Antonio, Texas
Commentators: Vic Joseph, Corey Graves

The big story tonight is the long (and I do mean LONG) awaited conclusion to Noam Dar vs. Cedric Alexander, who will be facing each other in an I Quit match. Other than that we’re building towards Neville vs. Akira Tozawa II for Neville’s Cruiserweight Title, which is all but confirmed at this point. Let’s get to it.

Titus O’Neil is on the phone with Tozawa and telling him to not worry about beating Neville last night. He seems to have the rematch set up Ariya Daivari comes in to hang up on Titus. Daivari goes on about the awesome history of Iranian wrestling and questions Tozawa’s honor.

Opening sequence.

Akira Tozawa vs. Ariya Daivari

Daivari wastes no time in kicking at the ribs, meaning Tozawa grunts a lot. A knee to the back gets two but the chinlock doesn’t last long for Daivari. Tozawa fights back and loads up the top rope backsplash, only to have Neville come in for the DQ at 2:17.

Neville massacres Tozawa like the good villain he is. A kick to the leg sets up the Rings of Saturn to knock Tozawa’s mouthpiece out.

We look back at Mustafa Ali beating Drew Gulak when Gulak’s anger got the better of him and he crashed coming off the top rope.

Gulak, in a press conference setting, apologizes for his indiscretion two weeks back when he dove. He sincerely apologizes and proposes a 2/3 falls match to end their feud next week.

We recap TJP turning heel, much to the chagrin of Rich Swann. This led to Swann beating TJP in a good match last week.

Rich Swann vs. Mario Connors

The referee calls for the bell and here’s TJP to watch. Swann cranks on the arm to start before they run the ropes. Connors drops tot he mat and Swann hits a running stomp to the ribs, sending the referee straight over to check on Mario. Back up and Connors hits a running kick to the chest for two, followed by a running tornado DDT for the same. Swann pops up with a running Fameasser and a kick to the head for two. The Phoenix splash puts Mario away at 3:48.

Rating: C. This was better than you would have expected with Connors getting in a ton of offense instead of just being squashed. Swann gave up a lot more than usual, which is probably storyline development of some sort. TJP vs. Swann is more interesting than I guessed and it made for a good match.

TJP says that was impressive but he would have beaten Mario in half the time. Therefore, let’s have another match right now.

TJP vs. Mario Connors

Running dropkick to the knee sets up the kneebar…..which is countered into a rollup for two. TJP shrugs it off and finishes him with the Detonation Kick at 28 seconds.

Here’s Brian Kendrick to make fun of Jack Gallagher again. Kendrick is in another suit and mocks Gallagher’s Charlie Chaplain strut. Gallagher isn’t unconventional but a clown and a third rate William Regal. He goes on a rant about how he’s had to sacrifice so much to get here and now the fans would rather laugh at someone like Gallagher. Cue the real Gallagher to say he’s been doing this since he was sixteen. He’s earned the right to do things the way he wants to because he’s a first rate Jack Gallagher. Jack punches him in the jaw but gets beaten down by the umbrella.

Long recap of Alexander vs. Dar. Cedric dated Alicia Fox but Dar stole her away, sending her into insanity. Alexander was out with an injury but now that he’s back, he doesn’t want to deal with them. That’s not cool with Fox who has dragged Cedric back into it, setting up a big showdown.

Cedric Alexander vs. Noam Dar

I Quit. Cedric wastes no time and knocks Dar into the corner for some chops. They head outside with Dar going hard into the steps but Cedric won’t even let him get in a yes or no. Dar comes back with a kick to the leg to knock him off the steps though and Alexander has a glazed look in his eye.

Back in and Dar starts in on the arm but standing on the arm isn’t enough to make Cedric quit. With that not working, Dar takes the pad off the hook that attaches the buckle to the post, only to have Cedric put Dar’s fingers through the hole and bend them against the steel (FREAKING OW MAN!). Back up and Cedric tries a moonsault to the floor but hurts his knee, which Dar immediately kicks out.

Cedric is fine enough to grab a Flatliner onto the ramp, followed by a running flip dive to drop Dar again. Dar sends him over the announcers’ table but Cedric is right back up with a dive off said table. Back in and Cedric scores with another springboard clothesline, only to have his knee kicked out. Dar loads up a chair so Cedric hits a jumping enziguri and grabs the chair. Alexander wraps the chair around the arm and stomps away. Dar won’t quit so Cedric gives him one more chance before stomping about ten times, making Dar quit at 11:09.

Rating: C+. The match was ok but there were multiple occasions where I forgot this was an I Quit match. It was a good enough fight but a lot of it felt like an intense match instead of something where the two of them wanted to hurt each other. The ending was good enough and looked like Dar was defeated, though I lost interest in this story weeks ago. In theory this should move Cedric up to the next level to challenge for the Cruiserweight Title but I still don’t feel he’s anywhere close to that point yet. There’s a big gap between the top and middle of this show and it’s very obvious most of the time.

Post match Noam says he quits Alicia, drawing a huge YES chant. He’s the youngest member of the 205 Live and Monday Night Raw rosters and he’s used Fox to get where he is. Does she really believe he doesn’t have a woman in every city the WWE goes to? Dar got the attention he wanted from her and now she needs to jog off. He won’t even do the catchphrase as he leaves Fox in tears. I think that was supposed to make Dar a super heel but it came off like a face turn with the real heel getting what she deserved, despite Dar saying some rather horrible things.

Overall Rating: B-. It feels like we’re actually moving somewhere here, especially with Alexander and Dar wrapping up. Other than that we have the Gallagher vs. Kendrick feud and Swann vs. TJP, though that brings up the problem with 205 Live: aside from Neville and whoever is challenging him, no one feels like a big deal. Everyone feels like a kid who is just starting out, which makes them feel like they would get mauled on the main roster. You could fix that in time but at the moment it’s not looking good. The show is still watchable and entertaining at times but that’s a big hole to get out of.

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