If You Ever Wondered Why The Expanded Kickoff Show Was A Bad Idea

It can lead to things like this.

That would be Miz making his entrance for the Kickoff Show match with only a few hundred (if that) people in the arena.  Miz is the current Intercontinental Champion and he’s in an arena with fewer people than a flea market show.  This match was a rematch from Raw and served virtually no purpose other than getting people on the show.  It started at roughly 5:20pm, because we just had to get in three Kickoff Show matches.

Now here’s the thing.  Apparently the arena’s gates didn’t open until after 5pm.  Ok, that’s understandable and can’t be blamed on WWE.  What CAN be blamed on them is having so much material that the first match had to start an hour and a half before the regular show officially began.  The second and third Kickoff Show matches were before a reasonable crowd.  This however looks awful and is something that is likely going to be a running joke for a good while.


Stop cramming in so much stuff, especially when it’s hardly adding anything.

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  1. DJ Ref says:

    The Hardys must have thought they were back in TNA…