Two WWE Knee Injuries In Last Two Days

….please tell me Big Cass won’t have company.After last week’s injury to Big Cass, two more names have suffered knee injuries and we already have a diagnosis on one.

First up is the one which doesn’t seem to be as bad.  Samoa Joe was injured at a house show against John Cena and will be out a minimum of four weeks.  Odds are he’ll be out of No Mercy but that’s not confirmed yet.

Then we have what might be the really bad one as Xavier Woods suffered a bad knee injury at a house show.  Woods was going for a jumping DDT and got shoved off with his knee buckling on the landing.  There is no word on how long he might be out but any time you hear the words “knee buckled”, it’s a really bad sign.

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  1. Eric says:

    The only sort of positive for Woods is that he’s in a group of 3, meaning he can still come out and be himself and the other two csn wrestle. I hope it isn’t bad, but if it is, he’ll probably still be on TV and he’ll get the crutches over.