New Column: He Was No Ham and Egger

Like it could be anything else.

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  1. olisimpson88 says:

    Heenan was one of those rare people in wrestling (Kurt Angle being another prominent name), that was fully prepared to make himself look foolish, take a beating, humiliation of any kind or be the butt of a joke.

    Something many wrestlers and staff of wrestling refuse to do out of sheer pride and egoism for their position and image. Which impacts storylines, payoffs to feuds and the cathartic feeling wrestling is sorely missing too often these days and sometimes in the past of seeing someone get their due punishment.

    Stephanie Machon is a huge example of how a lack of this sort of thing numbs the audience to her antics and presence due to the fact she rarely takes a beating, verbal comeback or owning and neuters everyone around her.