Ring of Honor TV – September 20, 2017: Such Blatant Plagiarism

Ring of Honor
Date: September 20, 2017
Location: Center Stage, Atlanta, Georgia
Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, BJ Whitmer

It’s the go home show for Death Before Dishonor and that could mean multiple things. One option is to have almost nothing about the pay per view and focus on almost anything else. On the other hand they might actually pay attention to the show and give us something important. Yeah I’m betting on the first too. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Hangman Page vs. Kenny King

Feeling out process to start with Page grabbing a headlock for little avail. King takes him down into one of his own though and things slow down. An armbar (with very little torque) has Page in more trouble before they head outside with Page being sent into the barricade. King hits a dive off the apron and we take an early break.

Back with Page grabbing a piledriver and sending Kenny into the barricade. Caprice Coleman sits in on commentary to announce that the Briscoe Brothers will be his guests next week. Page hammers away some more until a spinebuster gets King out of trouble. A big spinning kick to the face puts Page down but he avoids a slingshot dive and grabs a suplex on the floor. Back in and King sweeps the leg to set up a very weak Last Chancery. Since that’s easily broken up, King settles for the Royal Flush and the pin at 10:31.

Rating: C. King getting the win before his title shot on Friday is the right call, though it would have been nice if they actually mentioned the title match during this one. I’m a bit surprised they would have Page lose clean though as he’s someone they seem intent on pushing. If nothing else they put the Six Man Tag Team Titles on him to go with the most important and amazing team ever, which is quite the rub.

Marty Scurll vs. Rocky Romero

This is the result of the dreaded Twitter challenge. Romero tries a cross armbreaker less than five seconds in but Scurll is already into the ropes. Back up and Romero ducks a charge to send Marty outside, which of course means a suicide dive. Marty is right in on the arm though, snapping it across the top rope and stomping away. A hard stomp to the elbow keeps Romero in trouble and we take a break.

Back with Rocky getting superkicked to the floor, followed by a second one to keep Marty’s Bullet Club card. Something like a reverse Angle Slam gives Marty two but it’s too early for the chickenwing. Instead they hit some rollups for two each and it’s a stalemate. Rocky’s Sliced Bread #2 is countered into the chickenwing which is countered into a cross armbreaker.

That’s broken up as well and it’s a buckle bomb into the corner to snap Rocky’s head back. Rocky avoids the moonsault though and hits something like a Shining Wizard for two of his own. It’s back to the cross armbreaker but this time Marty gets his feet into the ropes. They run the ropes again until a heck of a clothesline drops Rocky, followed by the Bird of Prey (basically a flip into White Noise) for the pin at 9:39.

Rating: B-. Scrull’s in-ring work is getting better, which is a great sign considering how awesome his character stuff is. There’s only so much you can get out of the average matches so it’s cool that he’s getting to showcase his already established skills around here for a change. Romero was fine as well, but that’s pretty well known in the first place.

Here’s Cody to explain what happens when the undesirable becomes the undeniable. Now that he’s the best in the world, it’s time for this title to undergo a change. A lackey brings out a box as the announcers tell Cody to take the upcoming title defense more seriously. Cody drops to his knees and opens the box to reveal a big ring. The Ring of Honor you see. This would be more effective if he hadn’t shown off the ring in a backstage segment. From now on, the fans will be having to kiss his ring, though we go to a break before it happens.

Death Before Dishonor rundown with some quick promos.

The Motor City Machine Guns are ready to take their place as the top team in Ring of Honor.

Marty Scurll is ready to destroy Chuck Taylor in Taylor’s first singles match.

Briscoes vs. The Kingdom

It’s Vinny Marseglia/TK O’Ryan (no Matt Taven) for the team here and Bully Ray is on commentary. Jay and Vinny start things off but let’s look at the commentators instead of the match. Mark comes in for some forearms in the corner and it’s off to TK to take more of the same. A blind tag allows Vinny to come back in for a bicycle kick and the Briscoes are finally in some trouble. Multiple forms of stomping ensue and it’s off to TK for some biting. TK comes back in and makes sure to draw in Jay so the double teaming can take us to a break.

Back with Jay coming in off the hot tag for some hard clotheslines and a backdrop. The hangman’s neckbreaker gets two on O’Ryan and Mark has to kick a chair out of Marseglia’s hands. The referee won’t let Jay hit the Jay Driller onto the chair so the Brothers settle for a Razor’s Edge/neckbreaker combination (called a reverse 3D) instead.

Mark gets shoved off the top and it’s a reverse Twist of Fate into the Swanton (such plagiarism) for two more. O’Ryan grabs a ball bat and swings it in front of the referee, who doesn’t seem too upset by the whole situation. A Spin Cycle (another Hardys move) gets two on Mark with Jay making the save. Back up and the Jay Driller ends O’Ryan at 11:22.

Rating: B-. This was good, despite the pretty blatant Hardys stuff from the Kingdom. It helps a lot when you have the Briscoes out there as one of the best teams in the world at the moment and the best team this company has ever had. As a bonus this helped build up something for Friday’s six man match, which has the potential for a heck of a heel turn.

Overall Rating: C+. Solid enough show here, though the big problem continues to be the lack of Minoru Suzuki, who apparently can’t even do a promo or a video to help hype up the match. Knowing Ring of Honor they’ll give him the title anyway for the sake of adding prestige or something, because Heaven forbid we let the ROH wrestlers build up their company on their own. Good show this week.

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