Lucha Underground – September 20, 2017: Just Lucha Already

Lucha Underground
Date: September 20, 2017
Location: Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Vampiro, Matt Striker

It’s the go home show for the first (of many) week of Ultima Lucha Tres. Therefore, it’s time to get ready for the biggest show of the year and the card, as long as it is, seems mostly set. The question now is what will we be seeing on the shows, which could be in quite the interesting order. Let’s get to it.

The opening recap, uh, recaps things, like the Gift of the Gods Title match and Melissa Santo being drawn into a mixed tag to deal with the Martinez family.

Fenix is training Melissa Santos for her in-ring debut. She pins him down and asks to take his mask off but he slips out. He says he’s Fenix with or without the mask and he’ll lose everything if he loses it. Melissa says he won’t lose her and bends him back for a kiss.

Famous B. is doing commentary. I doubt he’ll rock the outfits as well.

Dante Fox vs. Texano

Texano yells at B. so Fox jumps him from behind to take over. A big dive to the floor is teased but Fox settles for a moonsault off the apron instead. Killshot is watching from the balcony and Fox throws him a point before hitting a Swanton for two. Texano gets the same off some clotheslines and elbows to the jaw. A cutter out of the corner drops Texano but he’s right back up with the powerbomb. That’s countered as well though and Fox gets two off a crucifix bomb. A tiger backbreaker plants Fox….and B. gets in the ring to declare Texano the winner. The distraction lets Fox grab a rollup for the pin at 5:40.

Rating: D+. This was fun while it lasted but I’m getting tired of this Famous B. stuff. He’s not funny and he’s not interesting but for some reason he’s been around for the entire history of the show. Fox vs. Killshot has serious potential, though that was barely getting any kind of focus compared to the Famous B. stuff.

Texano tries to kill B. but Dario Cueto says no because he needs a ring announcer. Instead he’ll be facing Texano next week at Ultima Lucha. Famous B.: “But I have a broken arm!” Dario: “Then I guess it will be a handicap match!” And that’s why he’s awesome. If Famous B. wins, Texano is his new client.

The Aztec Medallions are turned in before the Gift of the Gods Title match tonight. Dario calls in medics for later.

Marty Martinez/Mariposa vs. Fenix/Melissa Santos

Melissa is uh, shale we say…….sweet goodness what was I talking about again? Mariposa cranks on Fenix’s arm to start until he smacks her upside the head. It’s off to Marty as things speed up, including some forearms and a kick to the head. A Lethal Injection gets two on Marty and there’s a big dive to the floor. Back in and Fenix keeps backing into the corner so Melissa can tag herself in. For some reason it doesn’t count and Marty drags Fenix back to the corner.

Mariposa kisses him before it’s back to Marty for a chinlock. Fenix fights up and shoves Marty into a kick from Melissa. The hot tag brings her in for a top rope seated senton and a double superkick to Marty. Mariposa gets sent face first into Marty’s crotch as Fenix drops Melissa onto Marty a few times for some near falls. Fenix gets crotched on top though and Mariposa ties him to the ropes. Oh this could get bad in a hurry. Mariposa and Marty surround Melissa and it’s an assisted Pedigree for the pin at 8:43.

Rating: C. This was much more storytelling than anything else and there’s nothing wrong with that. Melissa was great for a one off though I’m glad it seems to not be something they’re going with long term. Fenix vs. Marty should be a lot of fun, especially if the women get involved as a bonus. This probably should have been the Ultima Lucha match but I get why they went with it here….I think.

Fenix breaks out and makes the save before anything else can happen.

We run down the Ultima Lucha Tres card.

Gift of the Gods Title: Paul London vs. Mala Suerte vs. Saltador vs. Cortez Castro vs. Drago vs. Son of Havoc vs. Pentagon Dark

One fall to a finish. It’s a wild brawl to start and I’m in trouble trying to keep up with this. Pentagon and Havoc clear the ring to start but Saltador breaks up the showdown. Saltador gets kicked like he owes Pentagon money, only to pop up with a hurricanrana. Drago cleans house for a bit until Pentagon takes care of everyone else and stands tall. London is thrown over the top onto a pile of people as this is just random spots so far. It’s Suerte coming in with a crucifix for two but Drago comes in with his running Blockbuster for the same

Saltador gets his own near fall off a springboard Fameasser but Havoc saves Castro. Drago kicks London down but Saltador comes in to take him down as well. It’s Havoc diving onto various people until London and Saltador double team Pentagon. Not that it matters as he package piledrives both guys, only to have Son of Havoc add a shooting star for the pin on Saltador at the same time Pentagon pins London at 6:44.

Rating: C. I have no idea what to say about a match like this as it’s just carnage until the ending. Havoc and Pentagon winning is fine as you can imagine the next match being added for one of the next four weeks. It’s an entertaining match but don’t waste your time if you want anything more than a spot fest.

Dario makes a ladder match for the title at Ultima Lucha.

Dario gets into a limo to meet Councilman Delgado’s replacement. He has the gauntlet with him but the replacement isn’t happy. Dario suggests that either Jeremiah Crane or Mil Muertes would be a good choice to hold it so we’ll have a triple threat with those two along with Cage for the gauntlet. The replacement is offered to come to the temple next week and a cigar is lit by someone in shadow to end the show.

Overall Rating: C+. We’re to the point now where they just need to do Ultima Lucha and probably end the series once and for all (hopefully not on a cliffhanger). The wrestling wasn’t much of a point here and there’s nothing wrong with that on a show designed to set up the biggest month of shows of the year. Good show but more important for the future than this week.

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