New Column: Don’t Wood Chip Him Just Yet

It turns out it’s taking me a long time to wake up from this Enzo Is Champion nightmare so maybe talking about it could help a bit.


  1. Liam Fenech says:

    Looks like I’m the top heel on this site as Enzo Amore is one of my favourites and with that KBs blood pressure goes up just a litle bit more How you Doin?

    ted Reply:

    Well you’re entitled to your opinion. I’m just curious why do you like him?

    Liam Fenech Reply:

    Hey Ted He has just has insane charisma more then most and he instantly become one of my favourites as soon as I saw him do his thing I understand that probably turns 99.9% of the IWC against me and thats ok I’m not niave I understand completely why people don’t like him for 1 he can talk far too much and of couse he’s very meh in the ring but I’d rather watch someone with charisma then someone who is good to great in ring but has as much as a grain of sand for me Enzo is 1 of there rare breeds who I’ill cheer for regardless of fan afilleation Thanks for the query Ted I can tell you’re not S A W F T! How You Doin?

    Ted Reply:

    See that’s all I ask. A reasonable well thought out answer. Personally he does nothing for me. His gimmick just irrates me and i tend to enjoy in ring more. As for how I’m doin? I’m great thanks:). It seems there’s only 1 word to describe you and I’m gonna spell it out! C I V I L.! Friendly works to.

  2. Aeon Mathix says:

    Reminds me of Hornswoggle winning the belt back in the day. Ok that’s going a little too far. I don’t like Enzo being champ but I see the value in it. It’s just amazing how the division went from the Cruiserweight Classic to what it is now. I remember Triple H saying it wasn’t his vision for the division to turn out like this.