Monday Night Raw – February 20, 1995: Psycho Justice

Monday Night Raw
Date: February 20, 1995
Location: Macon Coliseum, Macon, Georgia
Attendance: 2,751
Commentators: Jim Cornette, Vince McMahon

It’s actually a big show this week as we’re live with a big main event as Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett challenges Diesel for the WWF World Title. In addition to that though, we’ll be finding out the identity of Shawn Michaels’ new bodyguard. Now one of these is actually a big deal and I’ll let you guess which it is. Let’s get to it.

Jarrett is ready to win the title.

Diesel, with his eyes bigger than they need to be, says tonight it’s WWF Unplugged when Jarrett’s lights are turned out. That’s not what unplugged means champ.

Opening sequence.

Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Gary Sabaugh

This is Bigelow’s return after a thirty day suspension. Bigelow has been calling out Lawrence Taylor so Taylor’s attorney issued a cease and desist lawyer. And we were supposed to cheer for Taylor? Sabaugh (longtime NWA jobber the Italian Stallion) takes Bigelow down without much effort and works on an armbar. Back up and Bigelow hits an enziguri as the fans cheer for Taylor. A chinlock eats up some time until a dropkick sets up the top rope headbutt to end Sabaugh.

Rating: D+. Nothing match of course but there’s an interesting story that I’m pretty sure is tied in to this show. Sabaugh would also help get some younger wrestlers booking with the bigger promotions (a common practice for a lot of wrestlers). However, he had a tendency to charge his wrestlers a fee for getting them booked (also a common practice).

In this case, two of them were supposed to come to the show for $150 an appearance, with Sabaugh getting $100 of that. Sabaugh left the two of them stranded in Charlotte on the way to the show but wanted the fee anyway. The wrestlers reported the incident to management and Sabaugh was let go. The two of them stuck around though and you may have heard of them: the Hardy Boyz.

Post match Bigelow calls out Taylor again.

Adam Bomb vs. Rip Rogers

The NWA is strong with this show. Bomb runs him over as Cornette is Rogers’ biggest fan. A dropkick puts Rogers outside and Bomb dives onto him for good measure. Back in and Bomb slugs away as Cornette thinks there’s something to Bomb. Vince says if Cornette was a manager, he could mold Bomb quite well. Cornette: “WHAT DO YOU MEAN IF I WAS A MANAGER??? WHAT DO YOU THINK I’VE DOING FOR THE LAST TWELVE YEARS???” Bomb finishes him with a top rope clothesline.

Rating: D. I’ve always been a fan of Bomb’s as he did what he was supposed to do with a power style like his. The problem is he couldn’t do something as simple as punch Rogers in the ribs without looking awkward. If nothing else there was Cornette running his mouth, which can entertain me anytime.

Bret Hart won something like the People’s Choice Award for Wrestler of the Year from WWF Magazine.

It’s time for the King’s Court with special guest Shawn Michaels to introduce his bodyguard. Before we get there though, Lawler says Bret never would have won if the fans knew what he thought about Japanese fans. This starts the Bret is racist story, which always felt like a good bit of a stretch. Anyway, Shawn talks about needing a bodyguard now that he’s won the Royal Rumble because everyone wants to take him down. Vince being annoyed at all of Shawn’s bragging and wanting him to get on it is funny.

So Shawn needs a bodyguard and it’s…..SID, who is making his return for the first time in nearly three years. Sid does his way too close to the camera interview, yelling about Diesel abandoning Shawn. What Shawn needs is a man with no remorse for anyone and there will be no bad times between the two of them. Together, they will rule the world. This was GREAT as everyone knew who Sid was and he looked like a killer so the whole thing was as good as it could have been. Outstanding stuff here and something that would set the stage for months to come.

Blu Brothers vs. Mark Starr/Leroy Howard

The Brothers clean house to start as this seems to be a short form squash. A double shoulder drops Howard and let’s go split screen with Todd Pettengill to talk about trying to get Lawrence Taylor on the phone. That’s not happening though because Taylor will be on Raw next week. Something like a belly to back suplex drops Starr as Vince compares the Appalachian Mountains to the Smoky Mountains. Starr gets tied in the ropes for a double big boot, followed by a spinebuster and legdrop for the pin.

Rating: D-. The Brothers didn’t do much for me but they probably have a record for the most gimmicks that really aren’t even slightly different than the others. I still like Howard’s look, even if he never went anywhere in his career. Bad match here of course and there’s nothing else that you should be expecting.

Diesel was at an NBA event. He still doesn’t feel like someone who belongs there, mainly due to a complete and utter lack of charisma.

WWF World Title: Jeff Jarrett vs. Diesel

Diesel is defending and the winner gets to kill WCW. Jeff goes after him to start but gets clotheslined out to the floor without too much effort. Back in and we hit some strutting with Cornette freaking out about Jeff not paying enough attention. A good looking beal looks to set up Snake Eyes but Jeff slips out and hammers away in the corner. Roadie’s interference has no effect so Diesel throws Jeff out onto him in a heap. Diesel knuckle locks him down and we take a break.

Back with Jeff dropkicking the champ to the floor and posting him for good measure. A middle rope bulldog (more like a clothesline to the back of the head) gets two on Diesel and a good looking high crossbody gives Jeff another near fall. Diesel is right back with Snake Eyes and a big boot though and the Jackknife finishes clean to retain the title.

Rating: C+. Not bad at all here as Jarrett is perfectly good for the well planned out match. It’s really unfair that he has such a horrible reputation as he was perfectly acceptable and often quite good in the ring. Just don’t put the main event spotlight on him and everything will be fine.

Roadie goes after Diesel and gets beaten down as well. Sid and Shawn come out to watch. They’re still there after a break with Cornette quoting Psycho. Diesel is gone so Cornette talks to Shawn, who says Sid can knock Diesel out of his shoes.

A preview of Tatanka vs. Lex Luger on next week’s 100th episode wraps us up.

Overall Rating: C. Much better show here with a featured match that people might actually be interested in. I mean, no one was actually interested in Diesel but at least they were trying this time around. Diesel just isn’t working in the mainstream spot and while his in-ring stuff is acceptable, the lack of character or any real edge is killing him. Now why did everyone other than Vince get that?

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