Lucha Underground – October 11, 2017: That Seems Unnecessary

Lucha Underground
Date: October 11, 2017
Location: Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Vampiro, Matt Striker

We’re closing in on the end of this season and most likely the series with two episodes left to go. It’s week three of Ultima Lucha Tres and that means another big batch of matches that close out some feuds and give us some awesome moments at the same time. The first two shows have been good and hopefully this one lives up to the previous two weeks. Let’s get to it.

The opening video looks at all of tonight’s matches, as is the custom.

Taya vs. Sexy Star

Last woman standing as Taya has cost Star a bunch of wins over the last year, meaning it’s time for revenge. They both have brass knuckles to start but Taya are kicked away. Taya takes her down and slugs away but gets kicked in the face. They head outside in short order with Taya powerbombing her up against the barricade a few times in a row. Taya misses a Cannonball into the chairs though and Star sends her into a metal screen.

We cut the camera away from Star breaking something made of glass over the bloody Taya. They head up the steps as is the Lucha Underground custom but now it’s table time. A slugout goes to Taya but they fight into the crowd again to chop it out. Star gets beaten up against a camera but gets in a belly to belly suplex off the balcony and through the table. That’s already enough to put Taya down for ten at 9:10.

Rating: B-. They beat each other up but this felt like it was just getting started when it wrapped up. I wanted to see them fight more but the big spot at the end looked like something that destroyed Taya once and for all. The win isn’t enough to make me care about Star (Matt Striker has killed her career just less than she did it to herself) though this was entertaining while it lasted.

Trios Titles: Reptile Tribe vs. The Mack/Dante Fox/Killshot

The Tribe (Drago/Vibora/Pindar) are defending and I don’t remember them either. Killshot and Fox are not only still alive but also have taped up ribs. Fox kicks Pindar in the head to start but his ribs give out, allowing Killshot to tag himself in, much to Fox’s annoyance. Drago comes in with a tornado DDT and Pindar comes back in for a powerslam. A pop up cutter gets no cover as Fox makes the fast save.

Mack comes in to clean house with some running splashes in the corner but the monster Vibora comes in. Fox and Killshot can’t combine to take care of him as everything breaks down. Vibora takes Killshot down with a clothesline but Mack runs him over without too much effort. Now it’s Killshot and Fox hitting stereo dives, leaving Mack to Stun Pindar into a top rope double stomp from Fox for the pin and the titles at 8:02.

Rating: C. My goodness the Reptile Tribe just did not work. I could barely remember who was whom and that’s a bad thing for your champions. Throwing together three guys to win them is probably an upgrade, which is really sad when you think about it. Let them have something to do with the belts and it will be quite the improvement.

Card rundown for next week.

Gift of the Gods Title: Son of Havoc vs. Pentagon Dark

The title is vacant coming in and this is a ladder match. They talk trash to start until an exchange of kicks to the face sends Pentagon outside. A big cartwheel into a flip dive takes Dark down again and it’s time for the ladder. First up is a smaller version being brought inside with Pentagon sending it into his face and then over his back.

Pentagon throws in another mini ladder and three full sized ones with the big ones being set up in various corners. Naturally that’s enough for Havoc to get back up for an elbow to the face before sending Dark into a chair in the corner. Dark gets crotched with a ladder in the corner plus some swings of a chair. That’s not enough for Havoc to get anywhere close to the title so let’s throw in a table as a bonus.

Havoc is right back up with a belly to back superplex from a ladder through the table though and both guys are down again. It’s Havoc up first but his shooting star is caught in a cutter (It’s no Randy Orton and Evan Bourne but what is?) in a big spot. Havoc is up first again though and he sets up four chairs in the middle of the ring.

For reasons of general evil, they fight onto the chairs and Pentagon package piledrives him through the four of them, killing Havoc pretty much dead. There’s no climbing though as Pentagon bridges a ladder up as a platform. They slug it out on said platform until Pentagon throws him through a table. That’s enough to pull the title down at 14:00.

Rating: B. The ending leaves me more confused than anything else as I have no idea why they didn’t just have Pentagon win after the big spot. Throwing him through a table didn’t feel like a huge move and there’s really no reason to have Havoc be conscious still after the piledriver, let alone be competitive. That being said, having Pentagon win anything is a great move and a cash-in next week wouldn’t shock me in the slightest, which could make for a heck of a finale.

Post credits, Vampiro has Prince Puma surrounded by a circle of candles. Next week Puma can win the title back and complete the circle. Puma leaves and Vampiro hears a voice complimenting him on a job well done. Vampiro thanks the voice and calls him master. Oh I think I know where this is going and that’s an awesome finish.

Overall Rating: B. Good show for the most part but nothing felt like a major moment. Granted it didn’t help that the Trios Titles mean nothing and there’s no way anything is topping that 2/3 falls match from the first week. The two hour finale should be awesome, but they better do something with the big story already as I’m getting a bit impatient with the thing.

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