Lucha Underground – October 18, 2017 (Season Finale): They Actually Went Out With A Bang

Lucha Underground
Date: October 18, 2017
Location: Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Vampiro, Matt Striker

It’s FINALLY time to wrap this season up, well over a year after it first started. That means a two hour finale as Ultima Lucha Tres wraps up. Tonight’s main event is Prince Puma putting his career on the line against Johnny Mundo and the Lucha Underground Title. You know there will be some shenanigans afoot though. Let’s get to it.

We open with a cage set up around the ring but first let’s hit that house band.

Vampiro is in a suit, which is one of the weirdest visuals you’ll ever see on this show (and THAT is something).

Matanza vs. El Dragon Azteca Jr.

Pinfall, submission or escape to win and of course Dario is in a tuxedo. Dragon goes straight to the top of the cage and hits a moonsault off the edge less than ten seconds in. Well that’s how you start things off. Matanza is right on his feet and sends Azteca mask first into the cage. Back up and Matanza belly to belly suplexes him THROUGH THE CAGE to give Dragon the win in less than two….and never mind as Dario says we’re restarting this with pinfall or submission only.

Azteca hits something like a DDT on the floor and goes after Dario but Matanza makes a quick save. Back in and Matanza rubs Dragon’s face against the cage before easily countering a hurricanrana. Cue Black Lotus (I had to think to remember her too) to dive off the cage onto Dragon, setting up Wrath of the Gods to give Matanza the pin at 8:32 (counting the pause when Dragon escaped).

Rating: D+. This didn’t have the time to go anywhere and it was pretty stupid to have it be a squash that Matanza somehow won. The Dragon/Cueto/Lotus story was WAY more complicated than it needed to be and it didn’t help that they had such a long break in the middle of the thing. Matanza was a star of the series but he didn’t have much to do this time around. Unfortunately that’s the same for Dragon, but he never even had the real chance to shine in the first place.

Post match Lotus powerbombs Matanza off the top and demands that Dario say he’s a liar. Dario agrees and Lotus takes Wrath of the Gods.

Jeremiah Crane vs. Cage vs. Mil Muertes

The winner gets the gauntlet. Hang on a second though as Dario makes this an elimination match so the real best man wins. Crane kicks Cage in the face but charges into a chokeslam. Cage piles them up in the corner and hammers away with clotheslines. That’s enough of the in-ring stuff so Crane is sent outside for a running flip dive over the top from Cage, followed by a top rope dive from Muertes.

Cage loads up a table on the floor but the bloody Crane breaks it up with a trashcan. It’s Crane setting up a second table, only to get chokeslammed through it (as you might expect). Back in and Muertes powerbombs Cage for two but he runs the corner for a super hurricanrana. Then let’s add a Lionsault because a guy Ryback’s size can do that. Crane is back up and DRIVES WOODEN SPIKES INTO CAGE’S HEAD, followed by a freaking DDT for your crazy violent spot of the match.

For no logical reason, Crane heads to the back and finds a plate of glass, which he’s quickly speared through for a sick visual. Cage of course HITS MUERTES IN THE HEAD WITH A HAMMER but Crane and Cage get in a fight over who gets to put Muertes through a table. Cage gets the better of it and suplexes Crane through Muertes through the table, followed by Weapon X to finally get rid of Crane at 11:35.

So it’s Muertes vs. Cage and they slug it out after a break. Muertes may not be dead but he’s bleeding from the arm as Cage gets two off a top rope elbow. Cue Crane with a chair but Cage takes him out again. Not that it matters though as Muertes hits the Flatliner onto a chair to end Cage at 17:31.

Rating: B. Now that was a heck of a fight with all three guys just beating the heck out of each other. Sometimes you need a wild brawl and it’s been at least two weeks since we saw one of them around here. Crane continues to impress, though giving Muertes the win makes the most sense given their histories around here.

Post match Dario presents Muertes with the gauntlet though Catrina takes it for herself. Cue the returning King Cuerno to lay Muertes out and take the gauntlet away though, likely as a trophy.

Taya has directed a film about Johnny Mundo. Johnny says the title makes him the best in the world and he doesn’t need the believers. The rest of the Worldwide Underground sings his praises as well. In case you haven’t seen it, Taya has been filming things all year, meaning we’re actually getting what looked like a minor detail paid off. Well done indeed.

Lucha Underground Title: Prince Puma vs. Johnny Mundo

Mundo is defending and it’s career vs. title. Puma is back in his original yellow gear, which is more appropriate for a top level match. The champ gets taken down but a series of flips and some light kicks give us an early standoff. Puma sends him to the floor with something like a tilt-a-whirl powerslam and it’s time to fight outside. A whip sends Puma into the crowd but he pulls Johnny up to join him.

Puma knocks him back to ringside and jumps from the crowd to the apron. Johnny bails to the other side of the ring so Puma hits a double springboard shooting star press to the floor in one of the craziest spots you’ll see in a good while. Back in and the rolling suplexes are broken up so Johnny can hammer away to little avail. The Flying Chuck takes Puma down and a hard kick to the face gets two.

A quick C4 gives Johnny two more but Puma kicks the ref in the head. Well of course he did. It’s almost like this promotion has no idea how to book a different kind of a match. Puma can’t quite fight off the Worldwide Underground and here’s a second referee to count two. Striker FREAKS THE HECK OUT over that near fall and the Underground kicks the second referee outside.

Cue the also returning Angelico to clear the ring and there’s a big running flip dive to Johnny. The second referee pops back up for a flip dive of his own (rather ECW of them), leaving Puma to hit a springboard 450 for two. Angelica chases the Underground off and we take a very rare break.

Back with Puma winning a slugout, followed by a kick to the head for two. Johnny takes him up top though and hits the flip neckbreaker for a very near fall of his own. The End of the World gets two but a second attempt hits knees. A shotgun dropkick sends Mundo into the corner and the 630 gives Puma the title back at 22:43.

Rating: B. I really could have gone without all the interference but it’s still more than good enough for this spot. They were going insane out there and beating the heck out of each other, which is the kind of match they needed to have. Now of course they have more stuff to get to, but Puma becoming the first ever two time champion is a nice moment.

And of course hang on as here’s Dario to say there’s one more match. See, last week, Pentagon Dark cashed in his Gift of the Gods Title last week. Normally Dario would want to promote this match but THIS IS ULTIMA LUCHA! Oh and as a bonus: it’s career vs. career/title.

Lucha Underground Title: Prince Puma vs. Pentagon Dark

Puma is defending and wastes no time by kicking him to the floor for a big flip dive. Vampiro is barely talking as Pentagon breaks Puma’s arm….which Puma pops right back into place. So it was dislocated and we’ve been saying the wrong thing for three seasons? Puma’s moonsault to the floor hits knees but he can still block the package piledriver.

A standing shooting star gives Puma two but Pentagon dropkicks him in the face to break up the handspring kick. The fans are now singing CERO MIEDO but Puma cuts them off with a running Canadian Destroyer. Vampiro pulls Pentagon away from the 630 though and Pentagon’s half nelson driver gets two. A running package piledriver gives Pentagon the pin and the title at 8:37.

Puma slowly walks out and Pentagon waves goodbye. Now that he’s champion, he will rule with CERO MIEDO.

Puma takes off his mask and leaves for good.

King Cuerno has the gauntlet in his trophy case.

Sexy Star is at some kind of an appearance when a little girl comes up. The girl says she (as in someone else) hasn’t forgotten Star and hands Star a box containing a spider.

The Rabbit Tribe keep worshiping Mascarita Sagrada, who says he’ll take them to the white rabbit.

Fenix and Catrina leave together as Catrina and Crane watch separately.

Kobra Moon makes Daga the new king of the Reptile Tribe so he DECAPITATES PINDAR WITH A FREAKING SWORD. Drago is still chained up but WE HAVE BIGGER ISSUES TO DEAL WITH AT THE MOMENT!

Vampiro is in his temple when a masked man comes up to congratulate him on his success with Puma and Pentagon. This is Vampiro’s master but we don’t know who he is.

Matanza and Rey Mysterio are both in cages.

Dario is with his new boss and says he’ll get the gauntlet back. The new boss says don’t worry about it because new management will deal with the problems…..and SHOOTS DARIO IN THE STOMACH!!! Dario grabs the red phone and slowly dials a number. A male voice answers and Dario asks his “papa” to help him before passing out. To be continued.

Overall Rating: A-. And that’s Season Three, which is highly likely to be the final show of the series (though it’s not guaranteed yet). It’s an excellent ending and Pentagon Dark FINALLY becoming the champion is a great way to go out. He’s been the people’s champion for a long time now and Dario tearing Puma’s heart out one more time was great stuff. I’m really curious about where those stories were going and hopefully we get a conclusion, even if the budget is way down.

Overall season three…was just way too long. At over a year (counting the several months long break) in length, there’s no way to keep up the energy they have. This show needs to be about 26 episodes a year at most and they exceeded that in spades. The stories and action were hit and miss, but there’s only so much you can do with this much time to fill in. It doesn’t work for TNA and it doesn’t work here in a much more creative promotion. Shorten things up and stop having to come up with stories that take forever to fill in time and you have a MUCH better show.

The season was good and better than the second season, but nowhere near as good as the first. Dario is still awesome, the stories are still intriguing, the action ranges from highly entertaining to pretty good and the characters work for the most part. Cut out stuff like the tribes (the Reptile Tribe continues to be a huge waste of time) and don’t wait so long between advancing storylines and the show is better. Assuming it still exists of course.

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