Smackdown – May 12, 2006

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Date: May 12, 2006
Location: iPayOne Center, San Diego, California
Commentators: Michael Cole, Tazz

Not every SmackDown episode gives us great wrestling. Some of them seem to be gap fillers or are written to tie together storylines, keep feuds going or promote future events. This episode seems to be one of those. The headline fights are kind of exciting, in theory, but they aren’t going to produce any classics that we will remember for years to come. Still, it’s worth a mention because this was a time that saw Rey Mysterio amid his time playing with the big guys for the world title.

The first match on the bill saw Super Crazy defeat Kid Kash and Nunzio to become the number one contender for the cruiserweight title, and though we don’t care much for the wrestlers or their stories, at least we got to see decent displays of wrestling. And it was more entertaining at least than the predictably boring tag team match between The Gymini and Joey Ryan and Tom Wellington, in which The Gymini produced the win.

In terms of wrestling, it was perhaps Bobby Lashley and Finlay who put on the most noteworthy display of the night with Lashley pinning out Finlay to eventually take his place in the King of the Ring Finals Match. It took him over 16 minutes to finish the job.

But let’s get into the grit of the episode. The source of the most dramatic scenes came from the latter matches, which both happened to involve complete mismatches. Mark Henry, the “world’s strongest man”, weighing over 400 lbs., faced muppet Jack Sparrow wannabe Paul Burchill in perhaps one of the year’s most ridiculous fights.

Mark Henry was due to fight Kurt Angle at Judgement Day in the near future and had an ongoing feud with Angle that involved badly interrupting his title match against Rey Mysterio and slamming him pretty hard through a table. This wasn’t really a fight at all for Henry but an opportunity for him (and the promoters) to feed the fire of his feud with Angle.

After swinging into the ring on a rope like a pirate, Burchill’s gimmicky costumes and entrances are given a solid reality check in the form of a massive clothesline to the face by Mark Henry, who then precedes to toss and kick Burchill around the ring and out of it. Within less than a minute, Burchill is limping around looking pretty sorry for himself. He gets back in the ring and the all-out assault continues with Henry throwing him and smashing him against turnbuckles and metal poles.

Henry takes a pause to talk some trash on the microphone, leaving Burchill on the floor crippled. He taunts Kurt Angle, saying “You see! Kurt Angle, you’re getting the same thing.” He then picks up Burchill to finish him with the world’s strongest body slam. Easy and talentless victory.

Next up is the headline match between The Great Khali Vs Rey Mysterio. It’s obvious even looking at their names that this is a serious mismatch as Mysterio stands at about half of the height and stature of Khali. But the mismatch is actually all part of an ongoing storyline.

Rey Mysterio had previously won the 2006 Royal Rumble, lasting a record 62 minutes and eliminating Randy Orton. He earned a title shot and eventually fought Orton and Angle in a Triple Threat match where he pinned Orton to become the “Underdog Champion” that we knew and loved. If there was any doubt about his ability, Mysterio successfully defended his title against Orton and then Angle in individual matches. JBL was next to face him and Mysterio had agreed to let JBL pick three wrestlers for him to face in non-title bouts in the run-up. JBL chose Mark Henry, The Great Khali and Kane, and this was the second of those matches.

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Usually, Rey Mysterio is a joy to watch, and always gives an entertaining display of technical ability and Mexican moves. He is almost like the archetypal Mexican wrestler, renowned for his mask. So strong is this image, that it has appeared in games such as Guacamole! and as an avatar on the PokerStars Power Up game. But this time, Rey Mysterio was going to get crushed…badly!


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