Ring of Honor TV – November 1, 2017: Let’s Get To Work

Ring of Honor
Date: November 1, 2017
Location: Sam’s Town Live, Las Vegas, Nevada
Commentators: Colt Cabana, Ian Riccaboni

It’s time to start getting ready for Final Battle next month and we really don’t know much about the card as of yet. There’s really no way of telling what is going to be on the card, but last week’s show saw Mark Briscoe become #1 contender to the TV Title. That is of course assuming his horribly dislocated elbow doesn’t prevent him from wrestling. Let’s get to it.

We look back at Christopher Daniels costing Jay Lethal the Honor Rumble a few weeks back.

Addiction is ready to give Lethal and Kushida a beating tonight. Daniels swears a lot and gets censored.

Opening sequence.

Cody comes out to do commentary.

TK O’Ryan vs. Jonathan Gresham

Before the match, O’Ryan promises to teach Gresham a lesson. Cody isn’t cool with TK running around with an ax but lets it go. O’Ryan takes him up against the ropes for some trash talking so Jonathan grabs a hammerlock to take over. That’s reversed into a hammerlock from TK but Jonathan calmly offers him the other arm for free. TK goes for it and is easily switched into another hammerlock for a cool sequence. A distraction with the ax lets TK get in a cheap shot and we take a break.

Back with Cody still going on about the ax, which is a completely fair point. Like seriously, IT’S AN AX. OK SO IT’S MORE LIKE A HATCHET BUT THE POINT STILL STANDS! A slap to the face only annoys Gresham and he BLASTS O’Ryan with a spinning right hand. Gresham gets knocked outside in a heap and comes up holding his knee.

Cue the Kingdom to surround him but the Motor City Machine Guns come out to even the odds. The Guns are ejected but the Kingdom gets to stay (Colt: “What is this? Bill Watts territory?”)….for all of a few seconds before being ejected as well. Gresham grabs a rather twisty rollup as the Kingdom is still at ringside. Vinny Marseglia even pulls the referee out at two and the Kingdom jumps Gresham for the DQ at 10:24.

Rating: C. It’s kind of amazing how much easier the Kingdom is to sit through when they’re not together. I still have next to no reason to care about them because the Six Man division is worthless but at least I only had to watch one of them at a time here. Gresham is a good technical guy, though injecting a personality could do him wonders.

Recap of Bully Ray’s concussion. I still completely believe that we’re heading towards Ray vs. Jay Briscoe at Final Battle but they’ve done an outstanding job of setting this up.

We look at Kenny King becoming TV Champion and Mark Briscoe earning a shot last week.

Cody climbs onto the announcers’ table and says he’s going to start righting some wrongs. A few weeks ago, the Addiction cost a rookie his chance. Therefore, we’ll make that up right now.

ROH World Title: Cody vs. Scorpio Sky

Sky, who is not a rookie by any means, is challenging. Cody makes him kiss the ring so Sky grabs a rollup at the bell. A super hurricanrana sends Cody flying and a big flip dive over the top has the champ in more trouble. Cody snaps his throat across the top though and it’s time to do some pushups.

Sky’s neckbreaker (Is it just me or does EVERYONE use a neckbreaker anymore?) gets two but Cody slaps on a LeBell Lock as the Daniel Bryan teases continue. The fans chant for Dalton Castle and Sky grabs a German suplex into the corner. Cody doesn’t seem to mind though as a poke to the eye sets up the American Deathlock for the tap at 4:39.

Rating: C. Sky isn’t the flashiest guy in the world but Ring of Honor could use a few guys who are less about showmanship. He has a good look and some experience which should be more than enough to keep him around, even in a limited role. Cody defending the title in quick matches like this is an interesting idea and I like the idea of having the champ out there every so often. Not a bad match either.

Kenny King is this week’s guest on Coleman’s Pulpit with Kenny talking about how important it is to get the title back. Coleman gets a quick jab at Jim Cornette (who can’t stand King) by saying he was going to get a tennis racket to hold the title. For some reason this turns into an analogy of Kenny being a one hit wonder record which then turned into a big hit. Coleman talks about King being on the Bachelor and that’s it. I have no idea what this was supposed to accomplish. It was basically “hey he’s the champ now”, which you would already know.

Addiction vs. Kushida/Jay Lethal

Before the match, Kazarian calls everyone here a stupid mark and brings up Daniels winning the ROH World Title in this building. We take a break and come back with Daniels still ripping on the fans (Colt: “It’s still going on.”) until Kushida finally cuts them off. Kushida and Kazarian get things going but let’s take a pause on the floor. Daniels grabs a mic and tells the fans they’re out because these people want to see them take a beating. Kushida isn’t having that and dives onto both guys, who are nice enough to stand there and wait on him.

Back in and some stereo dropkicks have the Addiction in trouble as we take a break. We come back with Daniels in trouble and Kushida dancing at Kazarian in a bit that is funnier than it should be. Daniels gets taken down and Kushida stands on his back for the Curry Man dance. Lethal finally gets driven back into the corner and the double teaming begins. The stomping in the corner has Jay in trouble as the announcers discuss Halloween costumes.

Jay slips out and makes the tag off to Kushida, who grabs a quick Hoverboard Lock on Daniels. Ropes are quickly reached so Kushida stays on the arm before forearming Daniels back a few times. Kazarian offers a trip from the floor though and Kushida is in trouble this time. Back from a second break with Kushida making the hot tag so Lethal can clean house. A tilt-a-whirl backbreaker sets up Hail to the King for two on Daniels. Kazarian comes back in for the sitout powerbomb/neckbreaker combination but heel miscommunication takes Daniels down again.

It’s back to Kushida (a bit early) for a running DDT to Kazarian. Back to the Future is broken up and Kazarian grabs a mostly botched electric chair drop (he didn’t get Kushida up at all and it was more of a takedown than anything else). Jay comes back in for the Lethal Injection on Kazarian, only to walk into Angel’s Wings. Not that it matters as the Hoverboard Lock ends Daniels at 13:21.

Rating: B-. Good stuff here as Lethal and Kushida are actually a pretty solid team. The big thing here is the Addiction looking like horrible people and Lethal standing up for the promotion as only a handful of people could actually pull off. I’m not sure where this leaves most of them for Final Battle but there’s still time to set something like that up.

Overall Rating: C+. Nice show this week as I believe we wrap up a taping cycle and move on to the big one for the build towards Final Battle. You can probably guess most of the matches from here but it’s going to be nice to actually start building towards them for a change. If nothing else it would be nice to have Dalton Castle back to do anything with Cody. Good show this week, but it’s time to get to the important stuff.

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