TNA Paying Actors To Appear at Tapings

Impact Seeking Paid Actors to Fill Out This Week’s Taping Crowds


As in portraying fans.  This would suggest to me that they can’t even manage to GIVE tickets away to these shows.  If that’s the case, they might have hit a new low.


  1. Isaiah Morrow says:

    As someone who has attended the tapings, JB announced at the beginning of BFG that if you handed in your ticket stub to the booth after the show you can get another ticket for a taping afterwards.

    Afterwards, they also gave out coupons to redeem for a cheap seat as well for another show.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Oh stuff like that is common. at the TNA house show I took in a few years back, they advertised buy one get one for their next shows. At least they’re making some money with that though. This…..not so much.

    Isaiah Morrow Reply:

    We can’t bash TNA for it though.

    Everyone’s special little WWE does the exact same, they have plants and paid people come in. Hell I’m pretty sure they have a section on their website to sign up. They gave it a fancy name though to cover up the fact that its plants.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Oh yes we can.

    This is the promotion that doesn’t have referees due to its budget cuts and apparently can’t fill a 2500 person arena with energetic fans. WWE and TNA are not in the same place and it’s completely fair to bash TNA for it.

    Jay H (the real one) Reply:

    We can’t bash TNA for it? Im sorry have you seen how that Company is run?

    Plus i don’t ever recall WWE paying people to attend their Shows. I remember WCW doing it years ago during the Saturday Night/World Wide Tapings in Orlando.

  2. Isaiah Morrow says:

    So we bash for not being succesful? WWE is losinf money through the roof right now as well, the only reason it doesnt show is that they have deep reserves of money to use.

    Youre using referees as an argument? Lol

    And now youre bashing a company because of how small their venues are? I guess we got to bash LU, ROH, etc.

    Dont get me wrong, I aint a TNA boy, WWE sheep or a ROHbot, just someone that likes to debafe with *good* arguments,

    klunderbunker Reply:

    How exactly is WWE losing money through the roof? Their financial report showed them having one of their best quarters ever. The Network brings in over 1 million paid subscribers a month, good for $10 million a month. Couple that with over $200 million in TV deals and they’re making money hand over fist.

    Yeah, when the company keeps laying people off and the parent company had to lay off a bunch of other employees, it would seem like they’re losing money.

    Those companies are in a far better place than TNA is financially and can get away with things TNA can’t.

    So yeah, this is all fair game.

    Isaiah Morrow Reply:

    WWE make money compared to other companies but it has been reported that they aren’t making as much money as before.

    Sadly wrestling is dying as a whole.

    How does a financial situation dictate what a company can or can’t do? Minus obviously money related matters.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Not making as much money doesn’t mean losing money. Those are two very different things.

    Wrestling isn’t dying. Between WWE and the indies, things are starting to look better than they have in a long time. THrow in New Japan expanding and it’s rather an amazing time.

    If you’re making a huge profit and the undisputed king of wrestling, you can get away with stuff. WWE can do things because they’re in a much better place, be it financially, momentum wise, historically or just in general.

    Greg Reply:

    WWE has set a new revenue record each year since I think 09. Revenue isn’t net income but still, WWE is not in bad shape.

  3. Isaiah Morrow says:

    How is it not losing money?

    It’s more a niche product, I don’t think any NEW fans are getting brought in to the product but more so the same fans that are watching just more content all over the world (minus maybe a few new casual fans).

    Well let it go down in the history books that Jinder Mahal is taking on Brock at Survivor Series.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    ….because they’re still making money?

    I’m really not sure on that. Now you have a very family friendly product with widely available merchandise. Throw in the easy access to the Network (you don’t even need a credit card) and they’ve rolled out the red carpet for fans.

    Hoss Power Reply:

    It’s very easy to determine whether WWE is losing money or not – they’re a publicly traded company. They have to report to investors every financial quarter and they cited a sizable profit in the last report. Have they made budget cuts over the past year? Sure. And house show attendance has been reported as down. But the cut backs have saved them money and thus helped lead to a greater profit.

    They aren’t losing money. It’s demonstrably provable that they are not losing money. Quit saying that they are. In fact, unless something catastrophic happens with their television deals, WWE has been positioned to pretty much always make money.

  4. Ovelesky says:

    Isaiah moron got caught lying lol.