Ring of Honor TV – November 8, 2017: Where Mentioning NXT Is An Act Of War

Ring of Honor
Date: November 8, 2017
Location: 2300 Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Colt Cabana

The big match this week is Mark Briscoe challenging Kenny King for the TV Title. Now this brings up a few issues, starting with Briscoe’s elbow injury. Other than that though, there’s the question of Jay Briscoe, who doesn’t seem to like the idea of his brother going after singles gold, meaning he may be a factor here. Let’s get to it.

We open with a video on War Machine wanting their Tag Team Titles back and getting more aggressive a few weeks ago.

Opening sequence.

Briscoe vs. King is off for tonight due to the elbow injury. So much for that.

The Dawgs vs. Coast to Coast vs. The Kingdom

Matt Taven joins commentary. O’Ryan and LSG start things off with a slap sending TK into the corner for a tag to Ferrara. Coast to Coast hit a double flapjack for two on Ferrara and Ali adds a flip dive over the top. Titus comes in and throws Ferrara over the top onto the pile, followed by Marseglia hitting a springboard flip dive.

LSG adds his own corkscrew dive and everyone is down. Back from a break with Ali dropkicking the Dawgs down but having no one to tag thanks to the Kingdom. The hot tag brings in LSG a few moments later as everything breaks down. The Dawgs take care of the Kingdom, leaving Ali alone to get double teamed.

Ferrara gets lifted up for a dropkick but the Dawgs starts shoving each other. A catapult into a splash gives Ferrara two with LSG making a save. Coast to Coast hits Coast to Coast on Titus as Taven won’t shut up about some conspiracy against the Kingdom. Speaking of the Kingdom, they come back in and throw LSG out, followed by Marseglia hitting a Regal Roll on Ali while O’Ryan gives Marseglia an AA (kind of complicated) for the pin at 8:45.

Rating: C-. I like Coast to Coast more every time I see them but the Dawgs are neither funny nor entertaining. Throw in Taven as a horribly annoying commentator and there was a lot of bad stuff here with the action barely being able to overcome it. There was some good stuff here, but my goodness Taven should never be allowed near a microphone.

The Dawgs get in another argument while the Kingdom laughs and says they want the Tag Team Titles or the Six Man Tag Team Titles because there’s a conspiracy against them.

We look at Cody making a fan kiss the ring at one of the 18 Global Wars shows but it wound up being Dalton Castle, who laid the champ out.

Flip Gordon wants to fight the Bullet Club and shows why he shouldn’t be allowed to talk.

Here’s Cody who wants to issue an open challenge. He asks Ian to come up to the ring to see who should get the shot. Ian, along with the crowd, thinks Castle should get the shot but Castle isn’t here tonight. Cody has an idea though.

ROH World Title: Cody vs. Ryan Nova

Cody is defending and Nova has only been training for eight months. The champ offers Nova the ring….and Nova eats it. That’s not cool with Cody so he turns his head, only to get rolled up for two. Nova rolls over into a kick to the head…and walks into Cross Rhodes. The American Deathlock retains the title at 1:13.

Post match here’s Castle (Why didn’t he come out when his name was mentioned?) to ask if that’s it. Dalton thinks Cody is a good….no, great….no, good wrestler, but his performances as champion have been lackluster. Castle wants the title shot, but Cody has a better idea: he can make a phone call to Paul and get Dalton a developmental deal.

Cody walks past him but Dalton drops him with a forearm and the Bang-a-Rang. He loves it here and he’s taking the title. Really good stuff here and I want to see the match, especially with Castle in a far more normal look (sport coat, t-shirt with tinted sunglasses and a peacock pin) and being more serious.

We look back at Bully Ray announcing what sounds like his retirement.

Jay Lethal wants the World Title back because he’s the one everyone looks to and that’s what people expect. I wasn’t a Lethal fan for a long time but he’s turned into the top ROH star, which is a hard role to fill. Honestly it might be the shaved head too, as his hair was a bit hard to take seriously.

We look back at Mark Briscoe’s elbow injury (thankfully with a cutaway when it’s dislocated. Unfortunately we do see it out of joint and EGADS that’s disturbing looking.

Mark wants his title shot next week, injury or no injury. Jay Briscoe comes in to say forget about the singles stuff because they’re a team. Mark points out that Jay is a two time World Champion but Jay doesn’t seem to care.

Tag Team Titles: War Machine vs. Motor City Machine Guns

The Guns are defending. Shelley gets sent outside and Fallout hits Sabin for two in the first fifteen seconds. Well they’re certainly starting in a hurry. Rowe’s shotgun knees have Shelley rocked in the corner and War Machine is dominant early. It’s Shelley in trouble with Rowe blasting him with a forearm to the jaw.

The Guns finally get in a dropkick for a breather but War Machine is ready for the double dives. That’s fine with the champs as they low bridge Hanson to the floor for a suicide dive from Sabin. Things slow down a bit, which actually favors the champs here. Shelley takes out Rowe’s knee and we take a break. Back with Rowe throwing the Guns into each other, allowing the hot tag off to Hanson.

The running corner clotheslines have the champs in more trouble as everything breaks down. Hanson hits a handspring elbow to REALLY pop the crowd (not sure if it’s because he’s 300+ pounds or because he did an ECW move) but the Guns are right back with the Dream Sequence. That just earns Sabin a pop up powerslam….and here’s the Addiction to spray silly string at War Machine at Hanson. Kazarian: “GENERIC WRESTLING COMMENT!” Hanson goes after Daniels, leaving Sabin to roll Rowe up to retain at 10:58.

Rating: C+. I was digging the match but, assuming they’re not using this to further a War Machine heel turn (which seems possible), there was no reason to have them take a fall there. The match should have been thrown out with Addiction coming in and the pin makes War Machine look stupid. A heel turn would be good for them, but I’m not sure they can wrestle this high impact fast paced style and still expect to get booed.

Overall Rating: B-. I’m curious as to where they’re going with Final Battle and this show started setting some stuff up. The Castle vs. Cody stuff was good and has the potential to be an emotional main event, though Castle as a World Title contender is a bit of a stretch. Other than that, it’s still not entirely clear what’s coming at the pay per view, which could make the next few weeks a lot of fun. Unfortunately it could also make them annoying if they waste a lot of time, which ROH has a bad habit of doing.

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