205 Live – November 7, 2017: Not Even A So So Zo Show

205 Live
Date: November 7, 2017
Location: Manchester Arena, Manchester, England
Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Vic Joseph

The show is heading across the ocean this week and that means things are changing up a bit. This week will see the WWE UK wrestlers guest starring, which likely means some show stealing performances and someone jobbing clean to Enzo Amore because that’s how things work anymore. Let’s get to it.

The opening recap looks at Pete Dunne destroying Enzo last night and the UK wrestlers being invited tonight.

Opening sequence.

Here’s Enzo Amore to open things up with his Zo Show talk show. Heaven forbid anyone just get in the ring and talk without having their own set. He’s a ratings draw and money certainly can buy happiness. The fans call Enzo boring but he shrugs it off by saying he’s just a G. The UK is a dump though, mainly because it’s always raining. Oh and the women are bland too.

Last night in Blandchester, Kurt Angle sent out his UK Champ to do what he could and Enzo was bamboozled by the loserweight. If the fans had been chanting for Enzo last night, none of that would have happened. As for tonight though, let’s have the first ever UK Zo Train, which means the UK division. Enzo talks to the six of them, starting with Jordan Devlin who was trained by Finn Balor.

Jordan says that’s the end of his association with Balor because he’s here for the money and the fame. Next up is Tucker, who says neither Enzo nor Devlin are half the man Balor is. Enzo: “Whatever.” The third man is James Drake, also known as Mr. Mayhem. Enzo asks if he wants to be on the Zo Train and Drake says “Choo choo.” Enzo: “WELL COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO!”

On to Mark Andrews, who is a high flier but Enzo thinks he’s over the weight limit. Now for the biggest name on the list in Tyler Bate, who has no interest in being on the Zo Train. He just couldn’t stand hearing Enzo’s voice that often. Enzo thinks there’s a spot for him on the Train, if Bate can handle being a butler. That’s FINALLY enough for Bate, who pops Enzo in the jaw. The fans are very pleased but here’s Kalisto for his match to cut off the Bate chants. This was WAY longer than it needed to with over fifteen minutes of Enzo talking. That might work on Raw, but not on a show that isn’t even an hour long.

Video on James Drake, who will be wrestling tonight.

Kalisto vs. Jack Gallagher

Before the match, Gallagher says it’s good to be home. He’s glad to be back because it reminds him of how glad he was to leave behind all the horrible things of England. Gallagher is reminded of the clown that the fans wanted to turn him into, like they’re doing with Cedric Alexander. Now he’s a real man’s man and bigger than Manchester. We get the opening bell a mere twenty two minutes into a fifty five minute show. They hit the mat to start with Gallagher getting the better of it, only to have Kalisto walk the ropes into an armdrag.

Jack heads outside with Kalisto jumping over the top rope, landing on the outside of the middle rope, and flipping down onto him for a rather dangerous looking spot. Back in and Gallagher takes over with a wristlock before driving some knees down into the arm. An armbar keeps Kalisto down for a bit until a hard hurricanrana driver plants Gallagher again. A moonsault is countered into another armbar though and Kalisto is in some trouble. Back up and Kalisto rolls out of the armbar, allowing him to climb the ropes into the Salida Del Sol for the pin at 5:08.

Rating: C. Not a bad match, but this is something we could have seen on almost any given episode of 205 Live. If the show is supposed to be a British special, why in the world would you have something that you could see on any show? Kalisto winning is fine as he’s coming up on a pay per view, but the crowd isn’t exactly thrilled with this show, meaning the win felt unimportant.

Kalisto rants about beating Tyler Bate tonight.

Video on Mark Andrews.

Video on Joseph Conners.

Cedric Alexander/Mark Andrews vs. Joseph Conners/James Drake

Conners and Andrews start things off with Mark hitting a few dropkicks, including a flip out of a sunset flip into the second one. It’s off to Drake to work on Cedric’s arm until Cedric ankle scissors his way to freedom. Mark comes back in for a standing moonsault with Cedric adding a legdrop as a bonus.

Some double teaming puts Andrews in trouble though and a reverse Batista Bomb (always thought that would be a good finisher) gets two. Andrews sends them into each other though, setting up one of the most ice cold hot tags you’ll ever see. The springboard clothesline gets two on Conners and a double Neuralizer drops both heels. That sets up the shooting star to put Conners away at 4:33.

Rating: C. Again, fine, but nothing you can’t see elsewhere. The bigger problem here is the dead crowd, who just does not care about this show. To be fair, they just saw AJ Styles win the World Title about forty minutes ago so it’s a bit hard to care that much about a completely run of the mill TV show.

Video on Bate, including his UK Title win.

Enzo Amore vs. Tyler Bate

Non-title. Bate rolls him down without too much effort to start and Enzo takes a break on the floor. The fans get a MUSTACHE MOUNTAIN chant going while Bate waits on him inside. Back in and Enzo walks into a t-bone suplex, sending him right back to the floor. Tyler follows him this time and gets sent into the barricade to bang up his ribs a bit. Back in and Enzo hammers away before grabbing a chinlock.

Bate fights up with some running clotheslines, only to charge into a boot in the corner. Enzo takes him up top but gets punched off without much effort. He’s still able to knock Bate off though, banging up Bate’s knee in the process. Back in and a hard clothesline sets up the Jordunzo to end Bate clean at 8:16.

Rating: D. So yeah, this is a thing that happened. Bate was in the likely Match of the Year and then he gets….this. I get that Amore means something and Bate is just a part timer but was there no other option for this match? Like, Andrews for example? They’ll treat Dunne as a star but Bate gets to lose clean in eight minutes? Really?

Kalisto runs out to chase Enzo off to end the show.

Overall Rating: D+. What a great “special”. This was a dull, lifeless mess, which at least partially was due to the fans being completely dead after the Styles title win. Other than that though, the British contingent really didn’t draw much interest. TO be fair though, it’s not like they were treated as anything special either. Pretty much a total waste of a show, which was one of the worst things this could have been.

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