Ring of Honor TV – November 15, 2017: Who Needs New Japan?

Ring of Honor
Date: November 15, 2017
Location: 2300 Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Colt Cabana

We have a pretty rare announced title match as we come into this week with Mark Briscoe getting his TV Title shot against Kenny King. The problem though is Mark’s horribly dislocated elbow, which could very well keep him out of the ring. They’ve announced the match anyway but there’s always the chance that shenanigans may be afoot. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of Dalton Castle laying out Cody last week, pretty much officially setting up the main event of Final Battle. Cody offering to get him an NXT deal is still a great heel line.

Opening sequence.

Punishment Martinez vs. Josh Woods

The winner goes on to a four way TV Title match at Final Battle. Woods slugs away at the monster to little avail to start. A suplex takes Martinez down and a clothesline puts him on the floor (on his feet of course). Back in and Josh charges into a boot in the corner, setting up that springboard flip backsplash for two.

We take a break and come back with Josh choking away but having his dragon sleeper reversed into a Falcon Arrow. That’s fine with Josh, who kicks him in the jaw and scores with a top rope forearm. A knee in the corner sets up a Cannonball and Martinez is actually in trouble. That lasts all of a few seconds as Martinez heads up top for a spinwheel kick (more like a spinwheel hip to the face). Woods throws him again, only to get caught in the chokeslam for the pin at 7:43.

Rating: C+. There was an idea here with Woods using all the wrestling and striking abilities but not being able to do much against a monster. Martinez is someone with some serious potential with that look and style but he still needs some experience. Putting him in the TV Title match makes sense, even if he has next to no chance to win.

Mark Briscoe is ready to win the TV Title, injury or no injury. Jay Briscoe comes up and offers to be in Mark’s corner, which is cool with Mark.

Here’s Jay Lethal for a chat. He wants nothing more than to be back on top of this company as ROH World Champion but something or someone keeps getting in his way. Now though, he wants to set his sights on Cody, who he has defeated before. Cue Marty Scurll to one heck of a reception though. Scurll has been hearing Jay talk about goals, which made him come out here.

Marty wants to face the best in the world and Lethal would be on that list. However, it’s not this Lethal that he wants to face. He doesn’t want to face the Lethal who takes his vitamins and kisses the babies. Marty wants to face the Jay who would do whatever it took to win. Maybe a handful of tights or some feet on the ropes. Maybe the Lethal that could be described as…..villainous?

Jay says that’s not him anymore but Marty points out how much more successful that Jay was. If that’s not what Jay wants to do anymore, maybe he should just be Black Machismo again because that would at least be entertaining. You remember all those fans that wore Jay Lethal t-shirts back then? Well now they’re all in VILLAIN CLUB shirts.

Marty has been successful enough this year that he gets to hand pick his opponent and, of course, he picks Lethal. Jay says it’s on but be careful what you wish for. Good stuff here with with Marty sounding like a star and an equal to Lethal, who feels like one of the most important names in the company.

The Bullet Club is ready to take care of Dalton Castle when he faces Adam Page next week. Castle fighting his way through the Club is a good story to get them to Final Battle.

TV Title: Kenny King vs. Mark Briscoe

Mark is challenging with his arm in a big cast and Jay in his corner. And never mind as Jay throws in the towel at 22 seconds for a referee stoppage. That makes as much sense as anything else they could have done given the circumstances.

Post match Martinez runs in through the crowd and kicks Lethal in the head. Shane Taylor comes out for the big brawl with Martinez until Silas Young comes out to join in as well. Cheeseburger comes in as well because where would we be without him. The challengers all brawl to the floor until King hits a big dive.

It’s time for Coleman’s Pulpit, which is rapidly becoming the most worthless talk show in years. This week’s guest is Shane Taylor, who has lost a bunch of weight. Coleman asks about him being a hitman as of late, which he’s been doing because he has a family and a daughter to feed. He’s willing to work for anyone for the right price to give his daughter a better life. This was a very different side of Taylor and it worked well.

Best Friends vs. Addiction

The winners get a shot at the Motor City Machine Guns, on commentary here, at Final Battle. Addiction jumps them to start and it’s an early brawl, as is often the case around here. Daniels gets caught in between them though and the beating is on. Kazarian is sent outside so Barretta can hit his slingshot boot to the face.

The big hug is broken up though, which you just don’t do to Barretta. A northern lights fisherman’s suplex gets two on Daniels, followed by a snap powerslam on Kazarian. The Kingdom is watching from the stage as Kazarian hits a dive of his own to take over for the first time. It’s Barretta in trouble this time with Daniels hitting a Lionsault for two as we take a break. Back with Back with Barretta getting whipped hard into the corner but coming back with a clothesline. A double tag brings in Chuckie to clean house with clotheslines and a middle rope dropkick for two.

Daniels comes right back with a Blue Thunder Bomb but Barretta dropkicks him down. Everything breaks down and WE GET THE HUG, which Ian says is just like the Teletubbies. Kazarian is back in with a Backstabber and the slingshot DDT. That’s fine with Barretta who hits his tornado DDT but Daniels grabs a chair. Cue War Machine to deck Daniels though, knocking him into the Awful Waffle for the pin and the title shot at 9:55.

Rating: C. This was a very, very ROH match and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing. They were doing all the dives and flips and such, which isn’t always the best formula in the world. I could have gone for more standard tag formula stuff, at least to an extent. Instead they started with a brawl and ended with one though, which happens a bit too often around here. War Machine vs. Addiction sounds good and it’s nice to have the tag division not revolve around the Young Bucks for a change.

The Guns and the Best Friends hug to end the show.

Overall Rating: B-. The talking segments here were quite good and it’s clear that they’ve turned on the jets to get us to Final Battle. It’s also nice to see them doing some of their best stuff without the New Japan crutch. Let us see what Ring of Honor can do and how good things really can be around here when they’re allowed to show what they’re capable of doing. Good show here and I’m looking forward to the pay per view, which really doesn’t happen around here.

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