New Column: 11 Takeaways From Survivor Series Weekend

It was 14 until I cut it down a bit.


  1. Dragon says:

    KB I agree with most of your viewpoints on this list however a couple I have to disagree.

    1) You are too hard on Shane McMahon. If one of the authority figures was going to captain the RAW team then it makes sense for DB or Shane to captain their team. I will agree he shouldn’t have been the last one remaining…..his placement last year was perfect.

    2) It drives me up the wall when NXT Wargames is mentioned. Yes, it was an excellent match. But call it what it was. A triple threat tag match in a steel cage with only one staggered entry per team where pinfalls are allowed.. Wargames to me is 2 teams of 5, staggered entries throughout, a roof, and you only win by submission or surrender.

    3) Asuka needs to make her Asuka lock actually look like it is effective. Right now all she does is wrap her legs around opponent, hold arm behind back, and rest their chin on her forearm. Looks ridiculous. Like Jinder’s finisher.

    4) Sami Zayne is a fine heel…..until he talks……sweet mother of Bill Murray is he annoying….and not in a good way.

    But all in all another good article KB.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    1. Angle shouldn’t have been in the match either.

    2. That’s the NWA/WCW WarGames. This was the WWE version.

    3. Uh… is that like Jinder’s finisher?

    4. That’s kind of the point of Sami though.

    Dragon Reply:

    1. Agreed.

    2. I see your point. If you separate the companies then yes it makes sense for WWE to create their own version. (Still prefer WCW’s version though, lol)

    3. I should have been clearer. I didn’t mean they are similar in execution. I meant similar in that they both look ineffective as a finisher. Asuka should just stick to the kick to the head….simple and effective.

    4. Yeah maybe but he would be better off letting KO do the talking… interesting to have Jericho return and interact with the new/old best friends.