The Missing Match From This Week’s NXT

The version that aired on USA was missing a match (likely due to time constraints) between Ember Moon and Peyton Royce.  Here it is, in case you wanted my thoughts on a five minute match.  I’ll also edit this into the regular review.

Ember Moon vs. Peyton Royce

Non-title. Royce gets a rather nice reaction. Peyton wastes no time in kneeing her down, only to get caught in a headscissors. That’s enough to send Peyton bailing to the floor so Moon dives onto both of them for a not great looking crash (she didn’t get a ton of height). Back up and Royce’s version of the Tarantula takes us to a break.

We come back with Moon armdragging her way to freedom and kicking Royce in the ribs. A double underhook is blocked and Royce fires off some kicks to the face for two of her own. The kickout draws some screeching and Mauro calls Peyton Royce the J Lo of WWE. Nigel: “IT’S PEY RO!” Royce’s spinning kick is countered and a middle rope stomp to the ribs sets up the Eclipse for the pin at 7:36.

Rating: C. You can see Royce’s dance background very clearly when she spins and it’s a nice touch. As usual, the Iconic Duo are some of the best things in the division but they need to actually win something at some point. Not a bad match at all, but Moon has bigger challengers coming after her.

Post match Billie Kay jumps Moon (Mauro: “Every kick begins with Kay!”) and Royce adds a knee. Nikki Cross of all people makes the save. The Aussies bail and Nikki looks at the title.

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