New Column: Who Ya Got?

46 days is the right amount of time to start making Royal Rumble picks right?


  1. Prophet says:

    Someone from Smackdown.

    They can get to Lesnar vs. Reigns at the PPV before Mania with Reigns becoming the number one contender there.

    I’ll go with Kevin Owens.

  2. Aeon Mathix says:

    I could go with Owens and Zayn winning in a tie setting up a triple threat with AJ.

  3. Dragon says:

    My heart would really like Jericho to finally win one but he wont be anywhere near WWE till well after Mania….I would love to see Styles vs Lesnar again but because of brand split we can’t….. I will go with BrayWyatt/Matt Hardy for Raw or Kevin Owens on Smackdown. But Kurt Angle doing a Rocky Balboa (the 6th movie) like run would be a heck of a story.

  4. NightShiftLoser says:

    If they were smart (ha!), they’d book Bálor similarly to Shawn winning the Rumble as the small guy overcoming every obstacle. Then he’d be “over” in Vince’s eyes.

    Braun is too easy to pick, but he’ll be the “How will they ever eliminate him?” guy who gets dumped by 6 mid-carders. Samoa Joe has had a few title chances, so I don’t think him. Jason Jordan would get booed worse than Santa in Philly. KO/Zayn are nice picks, but seem like they have something else for Mania in the cards.

    My way-too-early pick will be Shinsuke. AJ v Shinsuke would be a proper Mania headliner.

    Dragon Reply:

    The difference is Shawn had more charisma and character than anyone on the roster, unfortunately Balor does not. He is too bland and his matches are all identical. If anyone could benefit from a heel turn it is Fin Balor…..he has all the talent in the world athletically, he just needs some personality.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Not losing to clean over and over to people like Kane would help too.

  5. Jacob Jones says:

    If the dirt sheets are correct, they’re considering a SmackDown superstar to win this year’s Royal Rumble which means it’s between A.J Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura and John Cena.

    I’ll go with Shinsuke Nakamura as it potentially gives us a showstopper with Styles for the WWE title.

    Dragon Reply:

    Nakamura and Styles would be a great match indeed…..but Nakamura just doesn’t scream WrestleMania main event to me…not really a marquis name to the casual fan.