Ricochet Signs with WWE


So yeah, you knew this one was coming sooner or later.  RIcochet is one of the best high fliers in the world and at just under thirty years old, there’s no reason to not come to the big show.  He’s had some success in New Japan so now it’s time to go to WWE and see what he can do.  Of course it’s in NXT first (as it should be), but I’m a bit scared of what we might be seeing over in WWE.  That being said, Ricochet has the charisma and talking ability to make this work and could be a big star, assuming he’s not just thrown onto 205 Live and left to drown.


  1. M.R. says:

    Hopefully he’s not as hokey as those highlights to that goofy match I watched against Ospreay.

  2. Aeon Mathix says:

    It’s pointless for the cruiserweight division to exist obviously but man alive what it could have been if utilized properly from the start. Neville, Aries, Itami, Balor, Gargano, Ciampa, Cedric, etc.

    Jay H (the real one) Reply:

    Why are you lumping Finn Balor into the CW Division when he’s competed with the Heavyweights in Japan and in NXT before he was called up to RAW?

    Aeon Mathix Reply:

    All those guys competed with heavyweights prior to WWE. Aries beat Corbin clean on NXT prior to being in 205 live. What’s your point?

  3. Mike M. says:

    Just do away with 205 Alive. Keep a few (Alexander, Gulak…I’m struggling here) and send most of them to NXT. I want to see Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin recreate the Shawn/Michaels/Shelton Benjamin match. Ricochet can more than hold his own on the main roster.