Thought of the Day: Mankind Wasn’t That Bright

This is what I think about at midnight.

So nineteen years ago, Mick Foley got his brains scrambled at Royal Rumble 1999 via about two dozen chair shots to the head.  This allowed someone to play a tape of him saying I QUIT, which he would never say, thereby guaranteeing that he would defeat Rock.  Well, in theory at least, but this isn’t the brightest idea in the world.

They made it very clear that the only way to win would be to say I QUIT.  They even made it clear that it had to be those words, even down to having Foley spell it out and count the letters.  But given that Rock has never said “I” in his life, how was he supposed to get Rock to lose either?  Saying THE ROCK QUITS wouldn’t do it, so how was Foley supposed to win?  I know he’s not exactly smart, but isn’t he making this harder than he needed to?


  1. Jerichoholic94 says:

    This is actually a good point. Don’t know how you thought of it but you’re completely accurate


  2. M.R. says:

    Also should have considered staying down after like the seventh chair shot


  3. chad says:

    The Rock has referred to himself as “I” many times, even back then


  4. NightShiftLoser says:

    I’m rewatching the show now, and after Foley goes through the electrical crates, Shane tries to throw the match out. Rock says “This son of a bitch is going to say ‘I Quit’!” So, Mankind could have pulled the same stunt on Rock, if he had said it at skme other point in the same manner.


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