Mixed Match Challenge – February 6, 2018: It’s Growing On Me

Mixed Match Challenge Episode #4
Date: February 6, 2018
Location: Sprint Center, Kansas City, Missouri
Commentators: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Beth Phoenix

We’re getting closer to the end of the first round and we already have a substitution. This week Goldust will team with Mandy Rose, who is a replacement for the injured Alicia Fox. Granted it’s not like this is probably going to mean much, but you never can quite tell around here. Let’s get to it.

The announcers show us how to interact with the show.

Earlier today, Jimmy and Naomi promise to put Goldust and Mandy in the Uso Penitentiary.

Goldust and Mandy have a penitentiary of their own. They can’t come up with anything better than that?

This week’s interactive gimmick: voting on the guest referee. Daniel Bryan is chosen over Kurt Angle with a 68-32 margin.

First Round: Jimmy Uso/Naomi vs. Goldust/Mandy Rose

Jimmy and Naomi dance a bit before the match. The men get things going and that means an early dance off. Jimmy starts running the ropes and Goldust asks for a breather because he’s too old for this stuff. A hiptoss puts Jimmy down but he kicks Goldust away, only to have him go over and kiss Mandy’s hand.

The teams take turns hugging but Jimmy one ups it by kissing Naomi, much to Goldust’s shock. Goldust isn’t sure what to do so Bryan starts the YES chant and Mandy doesn’t seem opposed. He goes for the kiss but gets rolled up. Bryan won’t count because that’s not right so it’s off to the women instead. Mandy messes with Naomi’s hair and the fight is on, including a sliding slap for one.

We cut to Lana and Rusev snarking on the match and come back to Mandy stomping away. Beth accuses Corey of reducing Mandy to eye candy. Wasn’t that what she came in as? Is that really reducing? Mandy slaps Jimmy for some reason, allowing Naomi to get in a clothesline. The hot tag brings in Jimmy for his clotheslines on Goldust.

The husband and wife hit stereo enziguris but charge into stereo powerslams. Goldust grabs the Final Cut on Jimmy but Naomi makes the save, followed by a big dive onto Mandy. The distraction lets Jimmy hit the superkick and Superfly Splash for the pin at 10:01. Bryan was a complete non-factor here and I forgot he was guest referee until way after the show was over.

Rating: C-. I’m starting to dig this show more and more every week. At the end of the day, there’s no story to these matches so really, the only option you have is to set up something like this in short order. The whole husband/wife vs. two random people being paired together was fine enough and the match was fairly entertaining. It’s the definition of getting what you can out of nothing and that’s often more fun than some lame story.

Post match Rusev and Lana come out to say they’re the best married couple around here. Next week they won’t be singing, unless it’s a song about Lana being #1. Lana promises to crush Bayley and Elias next week in celebrating of the ravishing Rusev Day.

Bayley and Elias can’t seem to agree on singing or hugging.

Overall Rating: C. This is actually becoming one of my favorite shows to watch every week. It’s not because of the quality obviously but there’s something to be said about such a laid back show with what seems like almost no interference from Vince and company. These are just four people out there having a little bit of fun and filling in some time. That’s a very nice change of pace over THIS IS THE MOST SERIOUS AND IMPORTANT SHOW EVER. More of the same here and that’s nice for a change.

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