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New Column: Still, He Is Eerily Like Diesel

So we have this Shield reunion.  How can this be used to benefit Roman Reigns?

New Column: Don’t Wood Chip Him Just Yet

It turns out it’s taking me a long time to wake up from this Enzo Is Champion nightmare so maybe talking about it could help a bit.

New Column: He Was No Ham and Egger

Like it could be anything else.

New Column: Roman Reigns Should Buy John Cena a Christmas Card   Those promos have a silver lining and they could be the answer to the Roman problem.

New Column: Feel the Power of…..Inflated Reigns One of WWE’s latest ideas that solves a problem that I don’t think anyone else knows exists.

New Column: 10 Things From Summerslam Weekend Not as Awesome as Braun Strowman

He was rather awesome. 10 “Summerslam” Weekend Moments Not as Awesome as Braun Strowman

New Column: Where Do We Go From Here?

The closest thing to fantasy booking I do, which isn’t saying much.

New Column: Lost and (Hopefully) Found

Looking at the women’s divisions and why they mostly suck at the moment.

KB’s Review: Wrestling Prospectus

Who might be the stars of the future?  Here are eleven of them.  Why eleven?  Eh no reason.

New Column: The Samoan Big (Dog) Days of Summer Can Be Beastly for Braun

Looking at what should be the Summerslam main event.