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New Column: You Might Remember This One: Royal Rumble Edition

I’ve done it for Wrestlemania and Summerslam so I might as well do it here too.   And a bonus as I take a brief look at why Monday Night Raw has been so important for the last twenty four years.

New Column: That One Day in January

What is up with January 4?

New Column: How Smackdown Won the Week and Pretty Much Everything Else

Instead of a year in review, let’s look at why Smackdown is so many miles ahead of its Monday counterpart.

New Column: 12 Wrestling Things of Christmas

I think the title gives it away and no I’m not singing, thank goodness.

New Column: On and Off with the Showoff

Why Ziggler why?

New Column: YES! He Should Be Champion Again

And he should beat Daniel Bryan on the way there.

New Column: We Get It Already

Looking at why Sasha vs. Charlotte is a horrible way to book a feud and why the blue women are that much better.

New Column: Happy (and Sad) Holidays

Since everyone has already talked about Goldberg vs. Lesnar (which I’ll get to when I can wrap my head around the thing), here’s something a little lighter this week.

New Column: I’m Afraid You’re Just Too Darn Long

Because when you want to talk about multi-man elimination matches, you quote Back to the Future.

New Column: Smackdown Turns 900

The special is this coming Tuesday so let’s look at some of my favorite parts of the show over the years.