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New Column: The Samoan Big (Dog) Days of Summer Can Be Beastly for Braun

Looking at what should be the Summerslam main event.

New Column: Double Angles

It’s not like there’s anything else to talk about.

New Column: What’s Your Angle Kurt?

Looking at what is on the other end of those texts and what I’d like to see as the reveal.

KB’s Review: Don’t Break What You Won’t Rebuild   Looking at WWE’s rather stupid handling of characters when they change their minds in a hurry.

New Column: Time Flies and Anniversaries Happen

Looking at four pretty big moments that saw anniversaries this week alone.

New Column: How WWE Spends Its Build to Summerslam

In which I ramble about how I’d do things in June and July.

New Column: The Reigns of Summer

Looking at Reigns’ potential Summerslam announced and what I think it’s going to be.

New Column: Eyes Rolling All the Way to the Bank

You’ve seen me complain about the Money in the Bank build for awhile now so now let’s put it all in one column, plus a few potential substitutions.

New Column: Insert Your Own Witty Ciampa and Gargano Title Here

I told you I’d do it.

New Column: Cool it with Mahal the Backlash

What else was I going to talk about?  An amazing angle to end Takeover?