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Merry Christmas Everyone

Hope you all had a good one.   KB and Mrs. KB

Which Royal Rumble Should I Redo?

It’s that time of year again as we’ll be starting the Royal Rumble Count-Up in about a week.  Therefore, I’ll need to redo at least one show (plus the 2016 edition of course).   Which should I do?  1999 is also out of the running as I knocked it out last week.

Got My Takeover: Orlando Ticket

I’ll be in the upper deck again but I’m going. On top of that I’ll be taking in the Wrestlecon Supershow and Rev Pro from England.  I’ll probably be adding a few more shows as this is going to be the biggest wrestling weekend I’ve ever done.   As always, and I do mean always, […]

Picked Up Post-Wrestlemania Raw/Smackdown Tickets

They’re doing a combo deal next year so I could get tickets for both shows in one shot.  Also, Orlando has gone WAY better than Dallas so far as I paid 150 for a nosebleed seat at Wrestlemania XXXII and now I’ve got upper deck for XXXIII, Raw and Smackdown for 193.  Indy shows/Axxess tickets […]

New E-Book: KB’s Monday Nitro and Thunder Reviews Volume V with Special Price

A comprehensive look back at every episode of WCW Monday Nitro and Thunder from January – June 1999. WCW is in trouble and there’s not much of a better way to put it. They’re being defeated by Monday Night Raw in the Monday Night Wars, but as any wrestling historian can tell you, that doesn’t […]

I’m Going Back to Wrestlemania

So here’s a good one.

Coming Friday: Complete Monday Nitro/Thunder Reviews Volume 5

I’m getting closer to wrapping up this series as we hit 1999 and the dark times for WCW. In case you haven’t seen the first four, here they are: Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4   In case that’s not enough for you, here’s my Amazon author page with all of my books […]

Send In Podcast Questions

We’re recording tonight so let me know what you want NorCal and I to talk about.

Which Survivor Series Should I Redo?

It’s that time again.  Starting on the 22nd, I’ll be counting the shows up again.  As always I’ll be doing last year’s show and one other.  In the comments, let me know which you’d like to see me do again.  2003 and 2005 were done last year and are therefore out of the running.

Wrestling Wars Podcast Episode 49

TNA gets the courts involved, No Mercy, Raw, Smackdown, NXT and Mailbag time!