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Impact Wrestling – November 23, 2017: Perfectly Harmless Fun

Impact Wrestling Date: November 23, 2017 Location: Aberdeen Pavilion, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Commentators: Jeremy Borash, Josh Matthews We’re getting into the swing of these Canadian tapings but there’s a good chance this show isn’t going to mean much for the most part due to the holiday. The big story tonight is the return of Johnny […]

TNA Paying Actors To Appear at Tapings

Impact Seeking Paid Actors to Fill Out This Week’s Taping Crowds   As in portraying fans.  This would suggest to me that they can’t even manage to GIVE tickets away to these shows.  If that’s the case, they might have hit a new low.

One Night Only: Amped Anthology Part I: The Weight of the Wait

One Night Only: Amped Anthology Part I Date: August 11, 2017 Location: Orleans Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada Commentators: Cyrus Fees, Chael Sonnen So this exists. Back in 2015, Global Force Wrestling FINALLY got around to their TV tapings and over two years later, we’re FINALLY getting to see the things. Most of these people have […]

Alberto El Patron Stripped of GFW World Title, Still Suspended I’m kind of surprised but at the same time very glad.  Until now, he had a (possibly paid) vacation and got to miss two house shows and no TV.  That’s not exactly a punishment, but this feels like something different for a change.  Well done GFW, as maybe ANYONE more interesting can be champion […]

So I’ve Been Blocked By a Wrestler on Twitter

Apparently Angelina Love has been granted her release from GFW.  I went to get the Tweet for a story about it on Wrestlingrumors and it turns out she’s blocked me.  I’ve never spoken/Tweeted to her directly but apparently I must have said something about her that she didn’t care for.  I think I’m honored in […]

Mini Column: The Sun Sets on Velvet Sky

I was asked to look at the career of Velvet Sky and why she got over as well as she did in TNA.  Sure why not.

TNA Loses UK TV Deal

And the spin is AMAZING.

Cody Rhodes on Arrow

Playing a supervillain in an episode where there’s a new drug called Stardust.  The episode is fine but the wrestling connection…..doesn’t exist.  Unless I missed it, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t, TNA didn’t mention this once on the recent episodes of Impact.  Yeah one of their stars is appearing on a network TV show […]

TNA’s Latest Woes – October 14 Version

Oh sweet goodness where do I even begin?

Dixie Carter Out As President Of TNA, Replaced By Billy Corgan Maybe this changes things but given that it’s TNA, I’ll need to see something before I buy into the hype.  Corgan at least has money, but I continue to wonder how much is going to be pumped into TNA before the investors give up because they’re drawing 350,000 people in a great week.