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Impact Officially Moving To Thursdays Starting July 21 You had to expect this.  They hadn’t changed nights since last June.  If nothing else it gives them yet another excuse for when their numbers go down as they always do.

Impact Wrestling Viewership Way Up They drew 411,000 (up 88,000) for their highest viewed show on Pop so far. Well done.  Now do it again, only better next time.

Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy: The Final Deletion

Of course it’s online now and this really is something that needs to be seen to be believed. It’s a bit long but check this stuff out and don’t skip ahead to the match itself as you’ll miss the most amazing part.

In Case You Haven’t Been Watching TNA

This is what you’ve been missing.

Bobby Roode and Eric Young Gone From TNA That’s quite the shock but causes an even bigger question: how in the world are they going to fill in two hours on Impact now? The roster was thing as it is and now they have two former World Champions gone? I know we say this a lot but they’re in even bigger trouble […]

TNA Releases Awesome Kong No surprise there after the Reby Sky issue.  Maybe, just maybe, this might open a door for TNA to make Gail Kim the featured Knockout.  I mean, it’s been a full hour since we’ve heard about how AMAZING she really is.

TNA Postpones India Tour   Dare I say RUH RO!   I know they have TV again and all that good stuff, but these are the kinds of things that make TNA look lame.  I get that the tour is probably coming very soon, but there’s always something screwing them up and it makes TNA look like they […]

TNA Moving To Pop TV on January 5, 2016 Meaning it’s now on Tuesday nights.  Pop TV used to be the TV Guide Channel and airs Paragon Pro Wrestling.  TNA is still alive but these channels aren’t exactly jumping through the roof.  Once they’re canceled by these guys in a year, I’m sure they’ll keep sticking around because that’s the way my life […]

TNA Cancels Halloween Weekend House Show Tour   It’s never a good sign, but I’m sure they have taped matches to make up for it right?

Matt Hardy Vacates The TNA World Title

Yes seriously.