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I’m trying my hand at online publishing by combining a large group of my reviews into an e-book.  I’ve currently released twenty four books:

Complete 1997 Monday Night Raw

Complete 1998 Monday Night Raw

Complete 2001 Monday Night Raw

Complete 2014 Raw and Smackdown Part I

History of the Intercontinental Title

History of In Your House

History of Starrcade

History of the Royal Rumble

History of Saturday Night’s Main Event

History of the WWE Championship

Complete 1995/1996 Monday Nitro

History of Summerslam

History of Clash of the Champions

History of Survivor Series

History of ECW Pay Per Views

Complete 1997 Monday Nitro

Only On Pay Per View: 1998

Complete 1998 Monday Nitro/Thunder Part 1

Complete 1998 Monday Nitro/Thunder Part 2

Complete 1999 Monday Nitro/Thunder Part 1

NXT: The Full Sail Years Volume I

NXT: The Full Sail Years Volume II

History of Wrestlemania

WWE Grab Bag


You can find links to all of these at my author page on Amazon here:


All are also available worldwide.


These are on a Kindle format but if you don’t have a Kindle, there are free apps for just about every electronic device you could own.  Here’s a link to every possible one.


Also, the Big Four (Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summerslam and Survivor Series) are now available in PAPERBACK.  Check it out by clicking here.




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