2013 Awards: Wrestler of the Year

A quick one to close us out.

2013 Awards: Match of the Year

There were some great matches in 2013 and several of them were available for free.

2013 Awards: Surprise of the Year

Another one with more options than I was expecting.

2013 Awards: Title Reign of the Year

I believe this has the most options.

2013 Awards: Most Improved

This one took some time.

Thought of the Day: Where Is TNA?

Fallout from the awards.

2013 Awards: Rookie of the Year

Part one of a double shot today as I forgot to put anything up yesterday.

2013 Awards: News Story of the Year

For once we have a close one.

2013 Awards: Best Group/Tag Team

Let’s get this over with.

2013 Awards: Worst Wrestler of the Year

I changed my mind on this at the last minute.