2014 Awards: Show of the Year

We’ll wrap it up with another few horses race.

2014 Awards: Wrestler of the Year

I’ve made my pick for this pretty clear so we’ll wrap up the year with something else.

2014 Awards: Angle of the Year

This is a short list and that’s kind of a shame.

2014 Awards: Surprise of the Year

The main two options here should be obvious, but the honorable mentions are interesting too.

2014 Awards: Group/Tag Team of the Year

This is going to be a shorter list of options but those options are close.

2014 Awards: Title Reign of the Year

This one might surprise you a bit.

2014 Awards: Match of the Year

Here’s another major award with some last minute entrants.

2014 Awards: Moment of the Year

This is a big one.

2014 Awards: Worst Match of the Year

Again, we might as well just name this after one of the Divas.

2014 Awards: Worst Pay Per View of the Year

This might be the easiest all year.