Required Viewing #3: You Gotta Believe

I’ve wanted to do this one for awhile now and Hogan returning last night makes it perfect.

Favorite Wrestling Vehicle

In honor of Del Rio’s title win, what is your favorite vehicle in wrestling?  It could be a car, a motorcycle, the horses the Vince and Jesse rode into SNME on, anything.  Mine:

Wrestlemania #3: Best Opening Match In Wrestlemania History?

Can-Am Connection vs. Orton/Muraco.  This is going to sound strange but I think it might have been.

Wrestlemania Count-Up – #3: This Show Is Required Viewing For All Fans

Wrestlemania 3 Date: March 29, 1987 Location: Pontiac Silverdome, Pontiac (Detroit), Michigan Attendance: 93,173 Commentators: Gorilla Monsoon, Jesse Ventura America The Beautiful: Aretha Franklin Now we hit the big time. This is the first time when Wrestlemania was built up as the mega event and also it’s the first time we get a few Mania […]

Clash of the Champions Count-Up – #3: My Goodness Barry Windham Was Awesome In The 80s

Clash of the Champions 3: Fall Brawl Date: September 7, 1988 Location: Albany Civic Center, Albany, Georgia Attendance: 3,700 Commentators: Jim Ross, Bob Caudle This is roughly the 837th show called Fall Brawl out of about 3847 of them. It’s late 88 and therefore this is a tricky show to call. The main event is […]