Wrestler of the Day – December 29: Kevin Sullivan

Today we’re looking at a guy who was small but tough: Kevin Sullivan.

Wrestler of the Day – November 29: Manny Fernandez

Here’s a guy I’ve always liked that you mostly likely haven’t heard of: the Raging Bull Manny Fernandez.

Wrestler of the Day – October 31: Zeus

Here’s something scary: the Human Wrecking Machine Zeus.

Wrestler of the Day – March 8: Bad News Brown

I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for you today: the Wrestler of the Day is Bad News Brown.

Wrestler of the Day – February 1: Jack Brisco

Today we’ll be getting a good old American and my favorite old school wrestler: Jack Brisco.

Wrestler of the Day – January 11: Abdullah the Butcher

Today’s is a wrestler that is much more about the legacy than any individual accomplishments: Abdullah the Butcher.

On This Day: October 25, 2012 – Impact Wrestling: Even This Is Better Than Today’s Impact

Impact Wrestling Date: October 25, 2012 Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida Commentators: Jeremy Borash, Todd Kenely, Mike Tenay, Taz It’s Championship Night or whatever the latest gimmick show these guys have going on is called. I’m not a big fan of having I think three title matches less than two weeks after BFG, but since […]

On This Day: March 7, 1992 – WCW Pro: This Is For You Chicago

WCW Pro Date: March 7, 1992 Location: Civic Center, Columbus, Georgia Attendance: 3,000 Commentator: Tony Schiavone This is another show I’ve never looked at before but it’s the equivalent of probably Main Event today, not to be confused with WCW Main Event which is an entirely different show. We’re a few days past SuperBrawl which […]