Monday Night Raw – November 29, 1999: The Wedding

Monday Night Raw Date: November 29, 1999 Location: Staples Center, Los Angeles, California Attendance: 13,222 Commentators: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler This was a special request for one specific reason: Test and Stephanie McMahon are getting married. Oh how I remember this and how I remember how you could feel the Russo effect, even though he’s […]

Summerslam Count-Up – 1999: Start The Game

Summerslam 1999 Date: August 22, 1999 Location: Target Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota Attendance: 17,130 Commentators: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler This is the end of the summer for an interesting year in the WWF. The main event is the now mega heel HHH and the returning Mankind challenging Austin for the world title, but there’s another main […]

Wrestler of the Day – November 25: Acolytes

Time for a good old fashioned brawling tag team: the APA.

Survivor Series Count-Up – 1999: He’ll Be Your Hero

Survivor Series 1999 Date: November 14, 1999 Location: Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, Michigan Attendance: 18,735 Commentators: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler This is a BIG show (pun intended) as a lot of stuff happens here. We’ve got a hall of famer debuting, a new world champion, and Austin getting run over by a car, putting him […]

Wrestler of the Day – May 21: John Bradshaw Layfield

Ding ding ding. It’s JBL.

On This Day: October 2, 1999 – Rebellion 1999: Did I Mention This Was Annoying?

Rebellion 1999 Date: October 2, 1999 Location: National Indoor Arena, Birmingham, England Attendance: 11,939 Commentators: Jim Ross, Michael Hayes We’re back in England again and it’s six days after Unforgiven, so of course the angles are just about the same. These were just glorified house shows with the occasional token title changes. The main event […]