Ring of Honor TV – February 24, 2016: Behold The Power Of New Japan

Ring of Honor Date: February 24, 2016 Location: Nashville Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee Attendance: 675 Commentators: Kevin Kelly, Nigel McGuinness We’re getting closer to the finals of the Top Prospect Tournament and hopefully we’ll get some build on the World Title feud this week. However, it’s also the start of a new taping cycle which […]

Ring of Honor TV – February 10, 2016: I’d Hate To See The Bottom Prospects

Ring of Honor Date: February 10, 2016 Location: Cabarrus Arena and Events Center, Concord, North Carolina Commentators: Kevin Kelly, Nigel McGuinness Things are picking up again around here, as they so often do as we come up on a big match. The big story continues to be the multi-man World Title match at the 14th […]

Ring of Honor TV – January 20, 2016: Thy Kingdom Goes Away

Ring of Honor Date: January 20, 2016 Location: 2300 Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Attendance: 600 Commentators: Mr. Wrestling III, Kevin Kelly It’s the final night of the Philadelphia tapings with a Philadelphia Street Fight between the Young Bucks, the Kingdom and ReDRagon. If they give this match this time, it could be quite an entertaining match. […]

Best of Motor City Machine Guns: I Don’t Think That Word Means What You Think It Means

Best of Motor City Machine Guns Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida Commentators: Mike Tenay, Taz, Don West Host: Jeremy Borash On the other side of the spectrum from the technical brawlers of Beer Money, we have the fast paced high fliers in the Guns. This is one of the most popular teams the company has […]

Wrestler of the Day – August 2: Bob Backlund

We’re going old school today with a man I met three times over Wrestlemania weekend: Bob Backlund.

Wrestler of the Day – July 29: Kazarian

Today is one half of the best tag teams in the Biz-A-Ness: Kazarian.

Wrestler of the Day – March 2: Umaga

Off to Samoa for some Umaga.

Wrestler of the Day – February 4: Chris Sabin

We’ll head over to TNA for one of their Triple Crown Champions: Chris Sabin.

On This Day: October 16, 2004 – Joe vs. Punk II: Shades of Wrestlemania XII

Joe vs. Punk II Date: October 16, 2004 Location: Frontier Fieldhouse, Chicago Ridge, Illinois Attendance: 700 Commentators: Jimmy Ballard, Mark Nultey I don’t usually do ROH but this was a request. The main event of this show should be obvious. Joe is champion and this is Punk’s rematch after a time limit draw in their […]

Impact – August 12, 2010 – The Whole F’N Show

Impact Date: August 12, 2010 Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida Commentators: Mike Tenay, Tazz Episode Title: The Whole F’N Show This is the PPV caliber show, since they NEVER have PPV style matches on TV. Nope, not TNA. I guess this is supposed to be like their Clash of the Champions or whatever. The ratings […]