Pre-Network Era NXT Added to WWE Network

As in the stuff at Full Sail from 2012 to just before Arrival. It would be nice if there was a guide for something like that.  Say in paperback.  Maybe on Friday.  Like this Friday.  Which will be available on Amazon.  Along with a sequel that covers from Arrival to Dallas.  Which will be on […]

Coming to Amazon For Royal Rumble Weekend

Remastered (as in I went through and edited them all to make them a bit more readable), with page numbers, chapter titles (if I can figure them out), About the Author and some rather snazzy covers (not exactly what you see here). These are actual, physical paperback books with the most up to date reviews […]

So These Now Exist

And they still make my head spin.  

New E-Book: KB’s Monday Nitro and Thunder Reviews Volume V with Special Price

A comprehensive look back at every episode of WCW Monday Nitro and Thunder from January – June 1999. WCW is in trouble and there’s not much of a better way to put it. They’re being defeated by Monday Night Raw in the Monday Night Wars, but as any wrestling historian can tell you, that doesn’t […]

New E-Book: KB’s History of Wrestlemania

You might have heard about this one before. The show has evolved from a bigger than average house show in Madison Square Garden to a show that takes over a different major city each year as part of a week long event. It has been called the Granddaddy of Them All and the Showcase of […]

You Should Buy My E-Books

I’ve got quite the selection.  Here they are with Amazon links for America.  You should be able to find them on any given country’s Amazon page.  These are on a Kindle format but if you don’t have a Kindle, there are free apps for just about every electronic device you could own. Here’s a link […]

New E-Book: KB’s Complete 1997 Monday Night Raw Reviews

Photo credit to Killjoy as always. As 1996 came to a close, it was clear that WCW was in command of the Monday Night Wars. While Monday Nitro was running away with the battles, Monday Night Raw was the same show that we had been seeing for years. It was clear that something needed to […]

Sign of the Times

The Network really has changed things.  On, the Summerslam Anthology DVD collection (through 2008): $40.  Regular price: $250.

New E-Book: KB’s History Of Monday Nitro Volume III (Including Thunder!)

When we last left WCW, they were the undisputed kings of the Monday Night Wars and that’s certainly still the case as they come into 1998. Things were so good that they decided to more than double the amount of television they were airing per week. To say this might have been too much too […]

You Should Buy My E-Books

Really you should.  I’ve been told they’re quite good.  Granted I was talking to myself but it was in fact said.  I have quite the selection to pick from and all are available on Amazon Prime: 1. History of ECW Pay Per Views 2. History of Starrcade 3. History of the WWE Championship 4. History […]