The WWE Network Categories Are A Mess

I went to watch the Legends With JBL interviews about Undertaker and was stupid enough to think they would be in the Legends With JBL section. No no, they’re in the Undertaker 25 Years section, meaning the only thing in the JBL section is the Bischoff interviews. This is like where Raw 1999 isn’t in […]

What I Want To See On The Network

A special looking back at the buildup to Wrestlemania VIII. Why that show you ask?

The Monday Night War Series

I’ve checked out the first two episodes so far and the show is entertaining, albeit not really for me. It’s a show designed for people that weren’t around for the era and want a (somewhat biased. Just a little of course) history of what happened. The first episode is as basic an intro as you […]

Thought of the Day: History Is Written By The Winners

But in this case it was written before the war ended.

Wrestlemania XXX Preview: Shield vs. Kane/New Age Outlaws

Let’s get this one over with.

Wrestlemania Count-Up – Wrestlemania XV: Russo At His….Best?

Wrestlemania XV Date: March 28, 1999 Location: First Union Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Attendance: 20,276 Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler This is a somewhat forgotten show and it’s pretty easy to see why: there isn’t much on here worth seeing. We’re full into Russo era now which means things are going to go REALLY fast but […]

Thought of the Day: THIS Is What You People Miss?

Here’s a preview from the Wrestlemania 15 redo which sums up the Attitude Era:

Thought of the Day – Heyman and Lawler’s Heart Attack

So apparently on Raw (the reviews are coming.  Calm down) Heyman mocked Lawler for having a heart attack.  Why are people freaking out over this?

Thought of the Day: WWE Is Too Polished

I’ve noticed this a lot watching Raw’s from the Attitude Era.

Thought Of The Day: Austin Vs. Punk

This is another one of those things I don’t get.