Went to Axxess Again (And I Actually Used My Camera!)

This was my fourth Axxess and my first on Thursday night, which is the opening session. The layout is roughly the same every year and there’s really no difference in the way the rooms look in any given year save for where stages are. I only did General Admission this year after a VIP session […]

New Column: Wrestlemania….And Other Stuff

A look at what there is to do over Wrestlemania weekend.   https://wrestlingrumors.net/kbs-review-wrestlemania-stuff/

I’m Going Back to Wrestlemania

So here’s a good one.

Wrestlemania Weekend Pictures

There are a lot of these.

The Wife Made WWE.com

I’m a rather lucky man. http://www.wwe.com/shows/wrestlemania/32/gallery/wrestlemania-axxess-2016-day-four-photos#fid-40013920

Went To Axxess Again

And it was roughly a 1938% improvement.

Went To Axxess

And it was an absolute disaster.

Wrestlemania Week Schedule

In case you haven’t heard, the wife and I are heading down to Dallas for the weekend for Wrestlemania and associated acts. We’ll be taking in Takeover: Dallas, Axxess on Saturday, Axxess again on Sunday morning where we get to meet Shawn Michaels himself, then Wrestlemania and of course Raw the next night.  Just like […]

I’m Going To Wrestlemania

Along with Raw, Takeover and Axxess when the tickets are available.  Tickets have been purchased for the wife and I.  She’s never been so this is going to be a big moment for her.

Going On The Radio Again

And this time it’s going international.