2015 Awards: Wrestler of the Year

We’ll wrap it up with the biggest one of the year.

2015 Awards: Match of the Year

This is one of the hardest ones to pick because it’s one of the two biggest awards of the year.

2015 Awards: Best Major Show

This is always a big one.

2015 Awards: Rookie of the Year

This might be the trickiest of all as you could say Sting is a rookie as he had his first WWE match in 2015. Since that could make things really complicated though, we’ll go with people I consider rookies, meaning I might not consider some of your choices.

2015 Awards: Feud of the Year

This is another one that doesn’t have a lot of options this year but the top choices are good.

2015 Awards: News Story of the Year

Again, this one could depend on your definition of “news”.

2015 Awards: Promo of the Year

This isn’t the most in depth field in the world.

2015 Awards: Non-Wrestler of the Year

This might as well be named the Heyman Award.

2015 Awards Worst Wrestler of the Year

This one is in pairs.

2015 Awards: Worst Match of the Year

It’s not the Divas for once.