2015 Awards: Moment of the Year

This one is always kind of hard to pick.

NXT – January 6, 2016: Best of the Best

NXT Date: January 6, 2016 Hosts: Rich Brennan, Corey Graves This is part two of the Best of 2015, meaning we’ll be seeing another hour of great stuff from last year. There’s still a lot of awesome matches they haven’t touched on yet which is really amazing given how much we saw last week. I’d […]

Ring of Honor TV – December 30, 2015: Best of N-Jay-P-W

Ring of Honor Date: December 30, 2015 Host: Mandy Leon This is another Best Of show and I’m actually looking forward to seeing what Ring of Honor considers their best. I’ve had a good time watching the show since the summer and things have been getting better for months now. You can almost guarantee a […]

NXT – December 30, 2015: Well It Is The Best

NXT Date: December 30, 2015 Hosts: Rich Brennan, Corey Graves This is the first half of the Best of 2015, meaning there’s no new material save for match introductions. It’s been a good year for NXT and the next two weeks are going to be a good look back at all the good things that […]

Impact Wrestling – December 22, 2015: But Then….Wait….No….I Mean….Huh?

Impact Wrestling Date: December 22, 2015 Hosts: Josh Matthews, D’Angelo Dinero This is a special episode as the company is debuting on Pop TV with the first half of the Best of 2015. Therefore we’ll be looking at a bunch of matches from earlier in the year and probably previewing the final four of the […]