You Know What Would Make A Good Christmas Present?

An e-book (Or a paperback book.  Or both.) about wrestling.  Say by someone who watches a lot of it.  Even if it’s late, it’s the thought that counts.   I’ve got nearly thirty different subjects to pick from so there must be something you’ll like.

Pre-Network Era NXT Added to WWE Network

As in the stuff at Full Sail from 2012 to just before Arrival. It would be nice if there was a guide for something like that.  Say in paperback.  Maybe on Friday.  Like this Friday.  Which will be available on Amazon.  Along with a sequel that covers from Arrival to Dallas.  Which will be on […]

KB’s Reviews Now Available in PAPERBACK

You’re all familiar with the Big Four WWE pay per views. Well now you can be even more familiar with them by picking up my collections of reviews, which are now available in PAPERBACK. After years of only having these as e-books I’ve gone through all of them, polished them up, and turned them into […]

Coming to Amazon For Royal Rumble Weekend

Remastered (as in I went through and edited them all to make them a bit more readable), with page numbers, chapter titles (if I can figure them out), About the Author and some rather snazzy covers (not exactly what you see here). These are actual, physical paperback books with the most up to date reviews […]

So These Now Exist

And they still make my head spin.  

Some More Wrestling Books

Ok so I might be cheating on one of these but three sounds better than two.

Some Quick Wrestling Book Recaps

So I was at the Half Price Bookstore (praise be its name) and four a nice selection of reasonably priced wrestling books earlier in the week. Five days later and I’ve read them all so it’s time for some quick recaps.

Favorite Wrestling Book

What is your favorite?